Monday, October 20, 2014

"Shop Girl"

Thus has been my title as of late & I can truly say it has pretty much absorbed every aspect of my online life. I've been working hard on building the online store for Twisted Soul Sisters 
(A Local Boutique in Tulsa, Oklahoma) So every Facebook Post, Tweet, Pin, & Yes, Blog has been centered around all things "Twisted" 

Hence, yet again another excuse for the lack of Fashionable Cents. 
I'll come around one day, I'm sure of it.  

In the mean time I wanted to share with you guys the online shop & some of my personal favorite items from the store!  

There's me & my amazing coworker Lisa (shoutout for Lisa!) modelling the Elan Hi Lo Cowl Neck Dress. I love how it drapes & hugs in all the right places.  

The Nubuck by Liberty Black 
The Booties have Coachella 2016 written all over them. Aka. I must have them. 

This ones a little random next to the dresses & booties, but it must be said, it's better than a pedicure. 
$25 & an hour in front of the TV (Scandal anyone?) & voila. 
 A week later your little footsies will start shedding all that dead skin you've tried to pummus to death. Living proof? My husband. 

Happy Happy Happy Monday to you lovelies. 

Stay Fashionable & Keep your Cent$ about you ;) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekly Finds

1. This Accessory. 
Because Baublebar seems to steal my heart, every time. All I want is this necklace with a grungy tee. Immediate pinterest worthy outfit right there. 
via: BaubleBar

2. This gal's styling. 
Industrial + Feminine Flirty is my go to look. At least I'd like to think so... 
 via: Pinterest

3. This Charger. 
Oh it's gold? Here's all my money. Simple as that.
via: Nasty Gal

What were some of your favorite finds this week? Share below! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Springs Riskiest Trends

The Warmer temp's are finally here, and with a new season, in the fashion world, comes new fads, trends, or risks as I like to call them. We're told to stay away from trends & stick with the classics, maybe for your wedding I'll agree, but what's another boring old Monday without a risk or two? What is it the kids are calling it these days... YOLO. 
Oh gosh, I just Yolo'd.
Spring's Riskiest Trends

Trend/ Risk #1. Palazzo Pants
So you don't want to feel like you're wearing pajamas to the office, or let's think smaller, to run errands. But really ladies, who doesn't want to wear pajamas anyways? If their staring their jealous. Moto. 

Trend/Risk #2 Crop Tops
I get these aren't for everyone, but don't forget to think big picture. 
There's plenty of options for hiding unwanted tummy baring while still rocking the fad. Like, high wasted pants, shorts & skirts, a lace underlay, or a blazer/jacket. Done & Done.

Trend/Risk #3 Mixing Patterns, Texturs, & Just about Everything
It's pretty much common knowledge nowadays that there are no longer rules in Fashion.
So take a walk on the wild side. Wear some Palazzo Pants, or don't. It's your closet after all.

P.S. If you do like anything pictured above, the links are below for your indulgence.

Stay Fabulous. XO

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From Winter to Spring

Disclaimer: This post was originally written a few weeks ago, which in "Tulsa Time" could easily mean two or three seasons ago. We have gratefully all drawn much closer to reaching Spring but I figured this outfit was too cute to sit in my drafts. From Winter to Spring

Is it just me or does the jump from Winter to Spring seem like the distance of the grand canyon? Winter seems to drag on & on while all of our favorite stores flaunt floral dresses & pretty sandals as if we wouldn't all freeze our behinds off.  Maybe I'm a bit bitter (literally) because last week there was snow on the ground, this week its finally felt like spring, but that dang weather man is telling me winter isn't over yet. Why God?! Nonetheless here is my foolproof guide to breaking out some of your summer pieces, without looking like an utter fool. You can thank me later. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

Chanel, a sleeping kitty, Anna Wintour, Starbucks, & a brand new macbook. 
Here's hoping your Christmas was as fabulous, lazy, & as spoiled as mine was.