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A Fashion Lovers Paradise: The Anna Wintour Costume Center at The Met

Hi, loves! 
I am in the process of moving all of Fashionable Cents over to my new blog The Angela Diaries, but I figure while I'm working on that I couldn't possibly deprive my loyal Fashionable Cents-ers a glimpse of a few of my latest posts. Here's one from earlier in the year; my trip to the MET had me swooning for all things FASHION... read on if you please...
The picture below says it all, at least regarding my expression as we explored the"Masterworks; Unpacking Fashion"exhibit at The Met.... I was sort of floating on air. Let's be honest, that happened the moment I stepped into NYC, but the steps of The Met were a heaven all on their own, and this was one of my personal favorite exhibits to explore... 

​​SMXLL This Viktor and Rolf Ballgown is the first dress you see when you walk into the exhibit. Of course, it's striking and bold, catching more than your eye straight away. Go ahead and put me in this dress any day of the w…

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