Hello, AGAIN.

Dear Readers,

It has been almost a solid year since I've last blogged. I find this hard to believe, but considering everything the last 10 months have held for me, I suppose it's not all that surprising. I am so excited to jump back into the blog world now that my life has settled back into a bit of routine. (Honestly, I feel like a hypocrite scanning below & seeing my last blog post entitled "Blog Break", but I digress). I have lots of plans & ideas for rebooting my beloved "Fashionable Cent$" (for real this time) but none would mean as much to me as the ideas that come from you. So please comment, email, tweet me, (etc.) anything you'd like to see from me here on Fashionable Cent$.

You may not feel like it, but I've missed you so.
In case you felt remotely the same, Here's a bit of an update on the past 10 months of my life:

The Engagement

The Planning
(I blame this right here for 96% of my absence, the other 4% I spent sleeping, swear).

The Fairy Tale 
The Honeymoon 
...The Afterlife 
(and the newest addition to our family, meet Conan)

A lot has happened in between the lines over the last few months, but I'll fill you in on the tidbits later. For now, thank you, thank you for revisiting Fashionable Cent$ along with me. Hopefully we have a long road ahead together.


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