Springs Riskiest Trends

The Warmer temp's are finally here, and with a new season, in the fashion world, comes new fads, trends, or risks as I like to call them. We're told to stay away from trends & stick with the classics, maybe for your wedding I'll agree, but what's another boring old Monday without a risk or two? What is it the kids are calling it these days... YOLO. 
Oh gosh, I just Yolo'd.
Spring's Riskiest Trends

Trend/ Risk #1. Palazzo Pants
So you don't want to feel like you're wearing pajamas to the office, or let's think smaller, to run errands. But really ladies, who doesn't want to wear pajamas anyways? If their staring their jealous. Moto. 

Trend/Risk #2 Crop Tops
I get these aren't for everyone, but don't forget to think big picture. 
There's plenty of options for hiding unwanted tummy baring while still rocking the fad. Like, high wasted pants, shorts & skirts, a lace underlay, or a blazer/jacket. Done & Done.

Trend/Risk #3 Mixing Patterns, Texturs, & Just about Everything
It's pretty much common knowledge nowadays that there are no longer rules in Fashion.
So take a walk on the wild side. Wear some Palazzo Pants, or don't. It's your closet after all.

P.S. If you do like anything pictured above, the links are below for your indulgence.

Stay Fabulous. XO


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