From Winter to Spring

Disclaimer: This post was originally written a few weeks ago, which in "Tulsa Time" could easily mean two or three seasons ago. We have gratefully all drawn much closer to reaching Spring but I figured this outfit was too cute to sit in my drafts. From Winter to Spring

Is it just me or does the jump from Winter to Spring seem like the distance of the grand canyon? Winter seems to drag on & on while all of our favorite stores flaunt floral dresses & pretty sandals as if we wouldn't all freeze our behinds off.  Maybe I'm a bit bitter (literally) because last week there was snow on the ground, this week its finally felt like spring, but that dang weather man is telling me winter isn't over yet. Why God?! Nonetheless here is my foolproof guide to breaking out some of your summer pieces, without looking like an utter fool. You can thank me later. 


  1. Love your choices for spring.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


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