Mixed Patterns & Colors & Textures.. Oh My!

Hello my lovely Fashionista's... I hereby deem today Fierce Thursday 
Why? Because I can, and truly because Thursday is just ALMOST as sweet as Friday. 
You know those days that just seem to require more of you? More of your energy, more of your focus, more of a little bit of everything you've got? They tend to fall on Thursday's for me...but there's a beautiful side because a new day is so close in reach.. so I'll be my fiercest me today & throw in some leopard and stripes just for the heck of it. 

 Mixing Patterns 

I know, it sounds like a long shot for some of us "Tamer" folk but I'm rocking the Stripes & Leopard trend today in a more low key manner & it still manages to help my "Confidence Boom"
Here's How: 

1. Leopard Shoes; Striped Scarf 

Old Navy Womens Mix Stripe Infinity Scarves
OLD Navy Scarf
Get it HERE
Mossimo Black® Vianca Tuxedo Flat - Assorted Colors
Target Loafers $19.99
I completely realize that this is probably my 3rd time blogging about these flats  in just 1 week.
Now you know my dirty little secret.. I've worn them almost every day this week! Fashion Faux Pas Alert! Okay at least  let me state my defense: Not only are they a great work shoe, they're new. And when you get something new I say wear them til your heart's content. There it is Angela's very permission to rock a trend until it dies.... hopefully the fashion police won't come back to haunt me in say... 2 months.

coral, gold and leopard print.
Adding Color 
2. Colored Skinny's  
Rustic Skinny's
Papaya Clothing 

MOTO Coral 7/8ths Crop Jean
MOTO Skinny Jeans
Get them HERE

All in the Details 
Plain Top & Killer Jewelry 
Envy Teardrop Earrings in Mint
I love a drop down earring to add contrast
around your face. (Especially if you're throwing your
hair in top knot like I did today)
Francesca's Collection 
Remember, you have your scarf to the talking up here.
I love my H&M black top for when I want to
 "vavoom" it up with accessories.
So, If today has required more of you than you'd like to admit, and you're not exactly feeling the Fiercest of all... I promise you the leopard, stripes, and pinch of color will make up for it. 
And if I'm wrong? Email me  ;) 

What's your favorite way to wear mixed patterns? 
Comment Below! 


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