All in the Flats

What a relief when a shoe does all the talking, and even better when that shoe happens to be a flat. It's a rare combo ladies but it happened for me today and I'm quite thrilled about it. All it took? 

A pair of $20 leopard tuxedo flats from Target. 
Mossimo Black® Vianca Tuxedo Flat - Assorted Colors
So maybe you're thinking "Look whose Late to the Party" but my favorite thing about THESE tuxedo flats in particular is that their perfect for this month. Yes, October. I realize some girls decided to get their hands on them in the spring of 2012 but we were a few months too soon if you ask me.  Now that it's the crisp of Autumn these little babies are guaranteed to match about 70% of the ensembles you pull-and the best part? They look just as great if not better than the $80 pair advises as the "Cheaper option". 

The always perfect Oliviaminka-kelly-435

Nonetheless, if you are a label queen like some of us are (no shame) you can get the 
Antonio Melani Leopard Slippers for $79.99 at Dillards
Either way, you'll be rocking a fab trend... I'll just have $60 more than you in my pocket for opting for  Target's version. Hey, when you CAN get away with a steal? Get away and Get away fast :) 

P.S. The $20's are going quick! I actually went to 3 different local TARGET'S just to find my size. (So, I'm a little desperate.. when I want something I WANT something!)
So be sure to get to your local target soon or order online  to get your perfect size. That is if you're like me and decide you just can't live without them any longer. 

What's Your Favorite ensemble to pair with Leopard and/or Tuxedo Flats? 
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  1. Love this blog so much! You are so amazing at it Ang. I'm not surprised it's growing. I wish you were here to dress me ... lol!

  2. So ... I'm not anonymous! I'm you're Mom & so proud of you! Your gifts and talents are going to lead you to great things & all the desires of your sweet big heart! Keep blogging Angel, we women need to know how to dress right! xo

  3. Hi dear, yeah it would be great following each other. So I´m following you now. Its your turn:D

  4. So .... my fashion & beauty consultant, would that primer stuff be good for me, at my age? It sounds great! Keep it coming sweetness! Love it. xo

  5. Yes- it's great for all ages, especially if you're starting to get some "lines"
    It basically "Primes" the face before your foundation so that when you do apply foundation, whether powder or liquid it not only lasts longer but doesn't sink into your pores (or lines) therefore creating that all over smooth look.
    I think you would love it!
    XO Angela


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