LOOK OF THE DAY: Wide Leg Denim

It's back! I'm so happy its back. Don't get me wrong I am a skinny jean fean (you know this if you've read any of my past posts) But Wide Leg Denim just works with my frame so well. 
I'm a whole 5'2 tall respectively... and my short legs have needed this. The Wide Leg Denim not only elongates our legs girls, but it also creates the illusion of long skinny legs. Oh the beauty. I'm guessing (hoping) some of you other girls have been waiting for this as well. Well, it's here and were about to go Rachel Zoe all over this...Just Cheaper, of course :)


Mossimo® Womens Premium Denim Trouser (Fit 3) - Assorted Washes

1969 modern trouser jeans
I know I've featured these jeans HERE  before, but they're just too great a buy. 

Ann Taylor Flare Leg Jeans
Ann Taylor
Did I just give you 4 Different options of Wide Leg Jeans 
Ranging from $20 to no higher than $40?
 Yes, Yes I did.  

  • DO Pair these with heels, they just add that extra umph to your already long looking legs and cause the pant to fall much more nicely down your frame. 
  • DON'T be afraid to wear a more form fitting top. You can afford it with these wide cut jeans & you don't want to look you're drowning in material. If you're not okay with wearing a tight top opt for a loose one but sinch it in around your waste with a tie or a belt... show off those womanly curves! 
Are you as excited as I am to rock the Wide Leg Denim this fall?
Why or Why Not? 
Comment Below Gals! 


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