On my 12th or 13th Birthday My Adorable Mom set up a "Scavenger Hunt" of sorts for me & sent me into different shopping locations where she had already purchased something for me that the cashier would then hand me after some series of events. (Hello Sweetest Mom Ever) 
Now Remember I was 12 or 13 (can't quite remember) regardless, those are the most Awkward ages of life for girls.. and probably boys too. I was lanky & mid puberty, you do the math. I so clearly remember I was wearing plaid (I'd like to think "Burberry like) pants. (But Probably More Similar to Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Inspired... before they ruled the fashion Empire) 
Yes Yes, Exactly like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen back in the day. 


And on top? A tan colored weird turtle neck thing. You can CLEARLY see where I got my fashion tips from back then... Moving on. The cashier at the drug store where I was picking up my "birthday lip gloss  was helping me pick out a color when she pointed out that I "Obviously love neutral & earth tones". Why I remember this particular statement years and years later I do not know. What I do know is that she was pretty spot on. The only difference now is that I've added hints here and there of sophistication (or at least I'd like to think so). All of this brings me to today's look of the day: Nude & Black  
Earth tones mixed with fierce black, and absolutely no sign of the Olsen twins of 2001

alice + olivia Amber Combo Dress
Nude & Leather combo
Okay, Phew.. now that I've regained my fashion/style sense credibility I can go on. 
The point is: The look works on anyone with just about anything. I love adding gold jewelry (earrings, bracelets) and wearing nude on bottom or on top is completely acceptable, and most always appropriate.
Here are some affordable places to purchase the look if you're closet doesn't already contain the necessary ingredients to create today's look. 

Image 1 of River Island Chelsea Girl Victoriana Jumper
Knit Sweater
Longline Blend Sweater
Pocket Lace Blouse

Anomalous Multi-layered Coffee T-shirt
Multi Layered Coffee Top
Faux Leather Leggings 
Image 1 of ASOS Mini Skirt With Hi Low Hem
Black High Low Skirt

 Charlotte Russe Bracelets
Charlotte Russe Heels 
If you're not feeling all that daring enough to top it all off with the leather leggings or a flirty skirt, simply grab some black trousers or skinny jeans and match it up with some killer Leopard Loafers (click to find mine!)
This Barely skims the surface of all the fabulous-ness you can create with these two colors, but you get the picture, right? 

What's your worst "Awkward Phase" Ensemble? 
Maybe in Retrospect you'll realize it actually made you your fab style self today.. .or then again maybe not. 
I'd love to chat with you... so comment below!


  1. Hey dear,I'm following you now =)

  2. Did I really do that? I hope so, it makes me sound like such a great Mom! :)

  3. Yes, you did! Ha, I'll remind you of the story ;)


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