Some of you may have noticed the little poll I've got going on 
(Left hand side Bar) this is your opportunity right now to vote on it, just saying.
 But one thing I didn't include in that poll was the possibility to start doing Giveaways. Yes, GIVEAWAYS! Oh how I would love to start, and I will! All in Due time.
I just wanted to let you know, I haven't forgotten about you & all of the fabulous things I can hopefully do for you in the near future as my little baby blog continues to grow... and I have each of YOU to thank for that. So Thank YOU! 

Okay Enough of that.. 
Here's some fabulous fashion flashback for the day. 

high school fashion, 1969

What do you think? Are the 60's making a comeback in 2013? 
I know WIDE LEG DENIM definitely is! 
Oh how the fashion world goes 'round. 
Visit: Retronaut for a full gallery of these incredibe blasts from the past. 
Happy Flashback Wednesday! 


  1. i love love the wide legged denim look and the hat! 60's style is awesome!!! love your blog! so cleverly done :)

    are we following each other??? if not, lets do it.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm clicking on your page right now :)


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