MIRANDA KERR photo | Miranda Kerr
Miranda Rocking the "Floral Pants" Trend
Surely she got the idea from My Blog Post ;)
You know that girl you just love to hate because she just looks perfect ALL. OF. THE. TIME.? Well for me, that girl is no other than Miranda Kerr. Okay fine take out the HATE  part. Honestly, I kind of love her. Her and her fabulous wardrobe, and adorable baby  & Orlando Bloom of a husband. The girl seemingly has it all, and put's herself together just so well. All of this and more is why I've named her "Fashion Icon" of the Day. If you haven't seen the proof.. well then you've probably been cooped up in a cave.. but I digress.
Here it (the proof) is again: 

                   MIRANDA KERR   photo | Miranda Kerr MIRANDA KERR   photo | Miranda Kerr
 The girl knows how to pull off "Casual Chic" Like No one else. Each of these looks somehow look effortless & work to her best advantage

Did you notice she's just "Walking down the Street" in all of these pictures? There it is- my goal in life. To, oh you know just walk down the street looking like I just stepped out of a Vogue photo shoot. (Then again she could have for all we know, but for inspirations purposes we'll say she didn't). 

MIRANDA KERR photo | Miranda Kerr

Okay, now that you have just a tidbit of evidence on why I can call her a fashion icon without hesitation, here's some tips on how to pull off her style on a Real Girls Budget.

1. Do Look Polished
A solid white pant and blouse is polished, easy, and great for work or "errands".
It says: "I'm Successful & Stylish".. what else should a woman be? 

Stylish Polka Dot Cuff Crochet Chiffon Shirt For Women
Chiffon Poka Dot Blouse
only $12.40
Alexa Double-Button Flare Twill Pant
DELIA'S White Pants



2. Do Take Risks 
Go ahead throw a work blazer over a jean skirt and ankle boots, I mean Miranda Kerr did it.
Don't shy away from a riskier top or bottom when you can always add "The Miranda Kerr Polish" by combining with it a simple blazer. Just 1 simple blazer, all you need!
Okay maybe 2, a girl needs options after all.  
Forever21 Blazer
H&M Blazer

The world is our runway girls, and though Miranda get's to walk the actual catwalk herself, she's smart enough to know that street chic is where it's at. So why not throw on a pair of fab heels (or at the very least 
Ankle Boots) to prove it. 

Lady Like Studs
Shoe Dazzle
Women's De Blossom Julie Platform Pump - Assorted Colors
Pine-Ankle Boots
Shoe Dazzle


Hello, Guess who looks like a supermodel now? That's right YOU do. 
Or at least we're 3 steps closer! 

What's YOUR favorite Miranda Kerr look? 
I'd love to hear, so comment below! :)

...Have a GLAMOROUS Weekend little Fashion Icons. 


  1. love her style and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. I am loving blazers at the moments, actually I'm currently gaining an obsession over them! I love the outfits you have pulled together!

    Laura x

  3. She is definitely a fashion icon of mine as well!! Like you said, she puts together the most amazing casual-chic looks, and I find her so so inspiring.


  4. Thanks girls!! I couldn't agree more. I could look at picture after picture of all her fab wardrobe choices :)


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