The 5 Holiday Season Don'ts

Don't be surprised if the rest of my posts this year completely revolve around Christmas. What can I say? It really is the most Wonderful time of the year! Not to mention it seems to be extra enjoyable when I actually have the majority of my Christmas shopping done before December 24th. It's a Christmas Miracle I tell you! 

With  every day drawing us closer and closer to the most magical day of the year, there's far too many opportunities to fall prey to some serious Holiday Season Don'ts. So, I've created a little list of the most common mistakes us gals can make this time of year. (WARNING: After reading this you officially have no excuse not to embrace this season with all the class and sass your Christmas deserves). 



I can feel the backlash from "Ke$ha" fans all over the nation as I type, but it is what it is ladies. A little glitter goes a much longer way around the Holidays versus a lot of glitter. I know, I know, this goes against our carnal "princess" nature but remember, I'm not talking about banning glitter all together. I love a great statement piece that's "glitterized" like your New Years Eve Dress, Shoes, or Clutch. Just don't overdose and pair all of these items together at once. That's called going into "Ke$ha" territory, and that unfortunately is a Don't for most of us. 

Fashionable Cent$ Approved Glitter:

        John Lewis Glitter Clutch, GoldSkinny Black Shorts With Glitter Detail And Twin Jet Pockets
"Glitter Clutch" $32 John Lewis "Glitter" Shorts $45 Chicnova

Guess Women's Shoes, Neodany Pumps
"Glitter Shoes" $99  by Guess at Macy's  

High drama.

This ones a tough one for me. I lose my "summer glow" in the winter which automatically makes me want to apply more makeup. (Tell me I'm not alone?) The key here is to save dramatic eyes & lips for the evening. The Holiday season brings us plenty of excuses to dress up our face so save it for those excuses, not the routine work day.


Ok, personally I have no idea if people actually do this anymore let alone ever, but you hear about it every year nonetheless. Standard gift giving speaking, it should be a don't but once in a while I'm sure those gifts come along that stay in the packaging all year long and one thinks to them self; "Why not send this to Aunt Betty?" To that I say more power to you my friends. The wisest thing to do here is send it to long distance "Aunt Betty" not Betty who lives down the street, there's just too much chance of someone finding out when it's close to home.


We all realize it's the one evening out of the year you get to show off your more than 6:30 am rushed self to your coworkers, but be sure to keep the class. An office Christmas party should be classy and work appropriate with a little bit of glam added, not a little bit of  "Santa Baby"... if you know what I mean.

Asos One Shoulder Pencil Dress
$70 Asos 
Fashionable Cent$ Approved Work Party Dress: 

Embellished lace prom dress
Dorothy Perkins 
Ally Long Sleeve Lace Detail Georgette Mixi Dress
$50 Boohoo


Lastly and most very importantly remember this Holiday Season to be patient, kind, and keep a smile on that pretty face of yours! It's so easy to get frustrated and stressed with the long lines, crazy shoppers, rude mail carriers... the list could go on! But the longer list is the one that contains all we have to be thankful for. So when that person cuts you off, butts in line, or grabs the last turkey, decide to be the bigger person and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Give with all your heart this year folks, it's so worth it.

What's on your list of Don'ts this year? 
As always, leave a comment below! 

P.S. A Side Note: As expected I was completely MIA this weekend, my apologies to my little blog family.
I think I had a pretty good excuse though. Seeing a loved one in pain and feeling helpless is quite possibly the most NOT FUN thing a gal can do on a Friday Afternoon, but we all got through it and my love is doing better & better everyday. So thank you to each of my awesome readers for your prayers and sweet comments, they mean the world!


  1. I totally wear more make-up in the winter than in the summer! It's hard being a white girl sometimes ;)

  2. These are some great Christmas no's. I have seen some girls & their work party attire & I'm like are you kidding?! Haha

    1. So true! I actually just experienced it a week or so ago... hence had to include it!

  3. These are definitely some good holiday tips.

    I stopped by to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog! :-)

  4. Ooooooooh year. ADORE the "glitter overdose" part...SO true. TOO MUCH GLITTER, is just TOO MUCH! :) And I waaaaay understand the evening makeup thing. SO hard when you are used to being tan...and then you turn white come November. Hard not to double up the makeup!

    Found your blog, read it, loved it, following!

    1. Haha I adore YOU!! and thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in the "Whiteness come November" ! So glad you are following along now :)

  5. Haha this is great! And you'd think that most would be no-brainers but there are some crazies out there. NYC is full of them.

    Glad you found my blog so that I could find yours as well!

    1. Oh I bet its is! Haha still doesn't take away from me being extremely jealous of everyone who lives there though ;)
      So glad you stopped by!

  6. Wonderful post! You have an amazing blog :D
    I definitely follow you, also on twitter...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :D


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