Holiday Budgeting, Fashionable Cent$ Style

I'm convinced the real Grinch of Christmas for a lot of people is Finances. Grrr. We cringe at just the word. Maybe finances are easy breezy to you, if so this post may not exactly be for you. For some of us though, things are a little tighter, and around Christmas tighter becomes even tighter.
I thought I was doing pretty fine & dandy this year until the other day when I looked at my bank account... it's amazing how it all adds up! Gift after Gift. Party after Party. Cute Decoration after Cute Decoration. (Who can resist decking their house out just a little bit more?)
My point is, we can still celebrate this joyous time of year and stay on budget, Fashionable Cent$ Style, AKA we'll probably cut it real close.

Here's my tips on how to stay within the lines this year: 


This one is classic and helps so much with larger groups and families. This year is the first year my big family decided to take the plunge with picking names. There's 7 of us in total, add on a lovely sister in law and baby nephew that's 9, add on boyfriends and girlfriends and well, you get the picture. Picking names was just the way to go this year. Plus it really is fun putting more emphasis on a single gift than having to do lots of small insignificant gifts. 


Thank the Good Lord for Pinterest right? Giving DIY gifts is not only cheap but has become trendy too! There's about a million and 1 ideas you can find online (bloggers are the best DIY'ers in my opinion ;)) and they are a great personal gift to give out.

Here's just a few of my personal favorites: 

Hot Chocolate Cone:  DIY. Cocoa, chocolate chips, sprinkles and top it with marshmellows. (Preschool Christmas Gift Idea)
Hot Chocolate Cone 

[ DIY: Cinnamon Candle Gift ]- For unique Christmas gifts for family and friends, make these cinnamon candles with whole cinnamon sticks. These homemade Christmas gifts are simple to make and smell great. ~ a Martha Stewart Idea posted on
Cinnamon Candles 
DIY: Instead of tossing colorful bottles into the recycling bin, "etch" them for gifting or your own use.
Handcrafted Glass Bottles 


Okay let's be real for a minute, my "Holiday Budget" looks nothing like that of the picture above. It's more like squigly's and pink highlights, and Christmas trees doodled along the side. The point is, I have a plan. Each gift/person has a budget and when they are complete they're checked off. It feels oh so good crossing something off your list. Plus it keeps you in order with all of the shopping you have to do! 
Side Tip: Be sure to budget in the month of January as well, it's easy to get caught up in what December is going to cost you, we forget about the aftermath. 


I know what you're thinking... "How is this helping with Finances?" In all fairness I did warn you this is Fashionable Cent$ Style! In all seriousness though, it's good to do this. It's far too easy to get wrapped up in all of the stress of Holiday Finances that we gals forget to take care of ourselves. So, whether it be something small like treating yourself to that way overprices Starbucks Latte, or something a little bigger like getting your hair done at an expensive salon. Be sure to treat yourself to some sort of  "YOU time" over the next week or so, after all you deserve it!

I hope some of this was helpful, or at least made you feel you're not alone in the Christmas Budgeting Madness! What's your best advice for staying within Budget over the Holidays? 
Sound off below :)


  1. I'm always outta control w spending during the holidays BUT this year I set a budget & stuck to it!!

    1. Go you Kelly! I am cutting it superrr close this year! Hopefully I can keep up the momentum!
      Us bloggers are good at keeping each other accountable ;)

  2. Now all the girls are going to say SEE Honey even my FAVORITE BLOG says its healthy to buy myself something :P

  3. Ugh I am the worst at making a budget for the holidays. Or at all. I love the DIY ones for a group, like co-workers or cousins, it's just simpler and no one's feelings get hurt since it's all the same.

  4. Great reminders! I needed this :)
    It's so easy to get caught up in the fun of gifting and then think 'opps, spent too much!
    My family draws names and hubby's gives gifts to everyone...which is fun but I always worry I have forgotten someone.

    1. Kristine! I know with big families and inlaws its so hard to keep track! My "Lists" are the only thing that keep me sane :)


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