Friday's Return & A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello again Blog World!
    I so apologize for my absence this week! Apparently the most wonderful time of year is also the most busy time of year! Who knew? Anyways, there have been so many awesome things I've wanted to share with you this week, so I plan on making it up to everyone (mostly myself) over the Christmas Break (fingers crossed here folks).
    More  than everything else though, I wanted to say a HUGE welcome to many of the newer Fashionable Cent$ followers!! Oh you didn't notice we breached the "100 mark" did ya? Just take a gander over at the side bar ;) I'm so thankful for each and every last one of you this Holiday Season and I PROMISE seeing only 2 posts from me a week is VERY rare!

    Okay, moving on. In True Fashionable Cent$ Style I have put together a list of my favorite things this week, I hope they warm your hearts as much as mine :)

Favorite New Year's Eve Look: 
     LOVE LOVE LOVE   NYE Dress.

You can't go wrong with gold glitter, and in a sea of dark tones you'll stand out like royalty in Winter White. 

Favorite Meme: 
story of my LIFE.
For Everyone heading "Home for the Holidays" ... I'm right there with ya. 

Favorite Moment: 
An Elementary Class pet my beau and I had the odd chance of meeting over the weekend. Yes, it's a hedge hog!
The cuteness is verging on too much to handle. 

Favorite "Future Christmas Card" Pin: 
Ridiculously Clever. 

Favorite Creation/Instagram: 
That's right YOU. 
I hope each of you are heading into some of your very own absolute "Favorite Things" this coming week. I am so thankful for the amazing blessing that it is to spend another Christmas with my family & loved ones this year, when so many are not. Keep your perspective in gear lovelies, and have the BEST Weekend Eve ;) 

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  1. Mr Prickle-Bottom is too cute! TRACI

    1. RIGHT??! The handsome man in the pic isn't too bad either ;)

  2. I agree! That hedgehog looks really cute :) Had fun reading your post! xoxo Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Abigail! Hope you're having an AMAZING Christmas! :)

  3. I following right along with your favorites! Especially the packing thing.. heading "home" for five days requires ten outfits and 7 pairs of shoes right?!

    1. Could NOT agree More. So glad to hear I'm not alone in the massive over packing quality ;) Hope you're enjoying every outfit you brought!

  4. Mr Prickle-bottom is freaking adorable !


  5. I agree with sb!


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