Tuesday's Tutorial: DIY BEAUTY

bubble bath

If there's ever a day you decide to pamper yourself with at home remedies, I suggest letting it fall on "Fall Back" day. I woke up on Monday Morning (yesterday) feeling more than rejuvenated and yes I'm sure that extra hour gets most of the credit... but hear me out here. 
I've been saying for months (as I usually do) that I have wanted to try various DIY beauty treatments at home. Last night I FINALLY took the plunge, and took care of my hair & my face all for under $15.
And the Best Part? My Boyfriend Cale joined in on the fun.. if he's not a keeper I don't know what is.

First on the List: Coconut Oil Hair Mask 

I picked up coconut oil in the "baking section" at Wal Mart for about $6.50
My Best Friend Katrina (who you can read more about here) recommended it to me, saying her hair has never felt so healthy. So we started with my boy (Hey if it were to be a fail we preferred it to be on his hair and not mine, again, keeper) He was "eery" but I simply Slathered  a big scoopful on his head, and another, and maybe one more.

The oil came more compact than we expected but per our pinterest found directions it melted as they said it would in our hands/or hair.

Let your hair soak it in for 30 minutes. 
So in the mean time...

DIY Microdermabrasion

You've seen all of the posts.
Mix 3 Parts Baking Soda to 1 part Water.
Cale took this under his wing too, making the paste in a regular plastic bowl.
Next step: Rub into a circular motion on your face, then rinse.

I've seen tutorials directing to let it sit for 5 minutes but I couldn't bare it personally. 
Both Cale and I felt a little "burn" as we were rubbing it in. 
That amount of time alone was enough. 

After Rinsing, Onto Biore Nose Strips! 

Just for that extra pore cleansing umph, since we were on a roll anyways.
Let your nose area soak in hot water then place the strip on and pat down with water.

Our faces felt smoother than ever. I'm even convinced mine looks smoother, and Cale was so in love with the results he used some of our left over Baking Soda/Water Paste on his hands for extra softness.
What a MAN.
As far as the hair goes? We are sold on Coconut Oil. I'm really not sure how many of the ideas out there are true such as it making your hair grow faster etc, but it sure did make it feel SOFT.

Remember: You'll have to wash your hair thoroughly twice to get all of the greasy oil out, but it's so worth it when all is said & done.
 And that is how My Man and I ended up feeling ready to tackle this Week like never before, and if all else failed at least we had soft skin & hair while trying!

Do you have a Favorite DIY Beauty Remedy? 
I'm hooked now, and I'd love to hear about it! 
Sound off Below! 
P.S. For more thorough instructions & details these are the sites we referred to for help!
For DIY Microdermabrasion: http://budandleo.blogspot.com/2011/08/home-spa.html
For Coconut Oil Hair Mask: http://www.howdoesshe.com/coconut-oil-moisture-treatment/


  1. you two are stars! and smooth & shiny ones at that! TRACI (Mom)

  2. I LOVE coconut oil! great stuff! :)

  3. Lauren Right?! I'm kind of upset I'm just now discovering it..

  4. sound really relaxing!



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