TREND: Embellished Collars

There are certain "Trends" some of us should steer clear from, skinny jeans for example, they're not for everyone nor are parachute pants. We each usually have to find the middle ground with fads & trends and what works for our individual body types. 
That said, every now & then a pretty little trend comes along that works for almost everyone, this years? 
"Embellished Collars" 
I'm not going to lie, it took me a teeny bit longer than others to embrace the collar fad. 
I've never been one for "constricting" neck lines, but it grew on me. 
What I love the most about embellished collars is their ability to look anywhere from
 Classy & Feminine to Edgy & Chic. 

Now, here's how & where to get the oh so pricey looking "look" for Less

The Blouse
Kristel Sequin Collar+Cuff Blouse
$40 Sequin + Cuff Blouse 
Ax Paris Stud Collar Shirt
$29 Republic Stud Collar 

Xhilaration® Juniors Stud Collar Button Down Top - Icy Mint
TARGET $19.99
The blouse is a go to this fall, well quite frankly by "this fall" I actually mean always. The embellished collar added to it however, adds a bit of 2012/1954. It's what I call the best of both Worlds. Which brings me to... 

The Dress 
Blue Contrast Collar Long Sleeve Belted Shift Split Side Dress
$52 She Inside

Sangria Night Collar Tip Dress
$44 Thread Scene 
                                                          FOREVER 21 Studded Collar A-Line Dress
$23 Forever 21
Hello Options! I love the adorable femininity in these dresses with a bit of the 60's tied in. 
Depending on the dress of choice, these are workable for the office, or a wedding. Like I said, OPTIONS :) 
The Sweater 

H&M JumperFOREVER 21 Lace Collar Sweater
H&M Black Sweater $40                   $19.88 Forever21 Lace Collar Sweater  

Orlaith Pearl Collar Jumper
$50 Boohoo
This "option" is so pretty & practical, the embellishment on the collar adds some extravagance to what could otherwise be a plain Jane outfit. 

  The Collar
Image 2 of ASOS Embellished Stone Floral Collar

                                Asos $31

Mesh Sequins Diamonds Embellished Collars
$22 Rowme

Many shops sell the embellished collars all on their own. In all honesty I haven't braved one yet, but they are a great alternative to add to a dress you already have in your closet... or in that case a sweater or blouse as well. This is what we call VERSATILE girls, and one purchase gone a long way. 

So, I have to hear... What's YOUR take on the Embellished Collar Fad? 
All about it? or Ready for it to Leave? 

SPEAK YOUR MIND, below :) 


  1. I am loving the embellished collars! I ordered a white, studded one from F21 the other day! Can't wait to wear it!


  2. I'm not into collars but they look so nice, such a cute addition to simple looks.

  3. Totally love it! It adds such a feminine look. I'm working on making one right now. If it turns out (big emphasis on the IF;), I'll be posting a tutorial so you can come check it out.


  4. LOVE collars...I am on the hunt for the perfect one, that Asos one you posted is super cute!

  5. I love the Asos one too! Makes it seem very doable :)

    Natasha- I can't wait to see that!! Talk about impressive!

    Tereza, I have no doubt you could pull it off if you wanted too ;)

    Kristine- Can't wait to see your post about it! ;)


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