Instagram, Pinstagram...

I'm going to start this post off by saying what every other blogger is saying today starting their own posts... ready for it?


Shocker, I know! Sincerely though, did this week seem to just dredge on for anyone else? It is high time for the weekend and I am going to soak in every moment of it, but lest I get ahead of myself.

It's about 9:45am where I sit currently and I must embrace one last work day before completely zoning out for two days. So what better to do than to share my favorite Insta's & Pins from the week! That's not zoning out at all right? ;)

Most Stylish Cheeks of the Week: 

Insta find by my boyfriend, that guy knows me all too well.
Creation of the Week: 

photo: VOGUE 
edited by: Angela Holmes
quote: Anonymous 
Meme of the week: 
Seriously though.
via: Pinterest 
Look I want to steal this Week: 

cute outfit
Petra of: photoblogbypetra

DIY of the Week: 
White Hot Chocolate
"White Chocolate Hot Chocolate"
Via: Pinterest
P.S. It's a Paula Deen Recipe, Hello Delicious!
Selfie of the Week: 
Instagram Selfies will never get old with us gals... will they? 

Encouragement FOR the Week: 

What's that? You didn't know there was a giveaway going on at Fashionable Cent$?
Have no fear, there's still 5 days left to ENTER! ;)
In retrospect, what do I really have to complain about this past week? Nothing that's what.
I hope you all have a equally restful as is exciting weekend ahead! Both are so important in this life :) 

Until Next time

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  1. LOVE IT! Haha, that meme cracks me up :P Those little boys have style! Followed your Pinterest and Instagram, yay!!


  2. OMG that little boy is adorable, love the outfit, and that meme cracked me up :) Just stopping by to say thank you for linking up with the GFC Collective and following me, returned the favor :) Hope you'll join us again on Sunday night!Bre @ Peacoats & Plaid

    1. Bre- heading over right now! I hope it's not too late ;)


  3. I came across your amazing blog and I'd like us to remain in touch! How'd you like to follow each other?

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

  5. Oh man, that white hot chocolate looks heavenly!

  6. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.
    Look at my blog pass

  7. Great meme, funny as hell!:D

  8. haha i do that with paula deen recipes too, if she made it i know it will taste pretty darn good and be pretty darn bad for me ;)


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