Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Oh Jolly it's that time of year again! I absolutely love Christmas shopping. There's genuinely no better feeling than watching someone open up a gift from you, and seeing the sweet look on their face. This is mostly true with family, then comes all of those awkward people you have to buy for. Whether it be a Secret Santa deal at work, or someone that's new in your life. The thin line falls in between getting a cliche fall back gift, and something that's far too overboard. 

Well, look no further, I've come to save your day (and mine) with my savvy little holiday gift guide. Let me explain; 

1. The perfume set 
Victoria's Secret New! Heavenly Gift Bag
This is the perfect gift for any gal. Young or old, you really can't go wrong with a perfume and body lotion set. Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite places to buy these. They have great holiday deals & sets that often come with cute clutches like this- which make the gift seem even bigger! (I got one last year from a friend and the sparkly clutch is now my New Years Go to). 

2.  Candles 
Christmas Eve Large Jar Candle
Everyone knows Yankee Candle is the way to go when choosing candles. The great holiday scents are perfect for a Pre-Christmas gift for a co-worker, friend, or someone like me who goes through candle after candle. It's a winter time obsession. 

3. Gift Cards / Starbucks 
There's always at least one good coffee addict in your life, may it be you or not, a Starbucks gift card along with a cute little mug or lb of coffee makes a great holiday treat! 

4. Baked Goods 
Speaking of Holiday Treats... 
Christmas is nothing without Christmas cookies and sweets! Perfect for a Neighbor, school teacher,  etc. Bake up your own recipe (or buy. Hey who would ever know?;) Place in little baggies with a pretty ribbon. Voila! Cheap & Classic. 

5. Jewelry
eternity heart Product Image
Jewelry is a great gift for Mom or a Friend.  Try something unique and personalized like a hand stamped piece from The Vintage Pearl, It's sure to bring Mom to tears... the good ones I mean. 

6. Beauty Products 
This ones good for someone you know a little bit better. I think of my Best Friends... those items we drool over in Sephora but leave for "another day" because we don't really need them. Those are the best Christmas presents. Any of those things we WANT, but would never get ourselves. 

7. Gadget Accessories 
This could work for a girl or guy. A new phone case, laptop case, etc. are always so appreciated, and there are so many original and unique finds on sites like Etsy. Think personalized. 

8. Scarves 
Perfect winter gift right? Not to mention they've basically become a staple in anyone's closet now a days. Go festive by choosing a thick knit  & Christmas red.


This one is for that special someone. Guys or gals alike. I'll admit, this post in almost it's entirety has been geared towards women gifts, but men are just far too difficult to buy for. I'm sure one day I'll learn the ways and write a post about it, but for now, I'll stick to what I know. What I DO know is that tickets please just about anyone. For him; to a game, to a concert. For her; to a show, to a ballet, to a concert. For anyone; Movie Tickets in a popcorn bowl are an adorable "Night on Us" gift. 

There you go! Easy as pie. If I could bake a pie, I'd throw bake a pie on there too. 
Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet? 
Does anyone else have as much trouble shopping for MEN as I do? 
Comment Below! 

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  1. I love scarves as gifts! They fit everyone :)

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Perfect gift suggestions! I love that eye palette above, but like you said, I would NEVER purchase it for myself. I love the bins at the front of Ulta for getting beauty goodies for my teenage nieces..they drool over things like that!

    1. Brooke!
      A gal after my own heart.. I did the same thing last Christmas for some teenage girls, and it was a hit!
      You just can't go wrong with ULTA, or too faced eye pallets.. my favorite!


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