GET THE LOOK: Reese Witherspoon

I've always been a fan of Reese's simple yet trendy apparel. She hits the nail on the head here with this classy  & simple look. I chose this because it's so easy for any of us to pull off. (Well, except for the whole bare legs part, my pasty whites are not meant to see the light of day right now). So, want to know how to rock this look for work? A luncheon? Or dressed up errands? I'll answer for you; YES.

The Dress: 
Pleat Front Dress
The Jacket: 

H&M Blazer £29.99
H&M $40
The Shoes: 

H&M Shoes £24.99
H&M $24.99

The Bag: 

Darcy Ostrich Effect Handbag
Believe it or not the structured handbag is a huge piece that pulls this look together. A slouchy bag would have set off the whole vibe. This bag compliments the jacket & dress perfectly, and look! A similar one is even affordable for us non-celebrity people. Is life really that simple? Today it should be. 

Also, you know before when I was talking about my ghastly white legs? There's no way they could pull off this outfit by tomorrow. Good thing tights are totally acceptable right now too. 

Personally I'd even throw on a little statement necklace for a bit more extravagance, but  to keep it cool  & day time appropriate- this is all you need.  
What do you think of Reese's simple & classic look? 
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  1. What a cute little blue dress!!

    1. Isn't it?! I love this blue color for the colder months :)

  2. I have perfect jewelry to go with that dress!!



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