Friday Favorites

It's that time again, FRIDAY FAV'S are back! 
I quite enjoy this time I must admit... probably because we are discussing MY favorite things...
 How selfish of me, Oh well! 

Favorite Pin of the Week: 
How wonderfully clever is this? I realize it's a bit out of season but hello spring project! 

Favorite "YouTube" of the Week: 

Does this need a caption? I think not. Chanel No.5 plus Marilyn is a far strong enough voice on their own. 

Favorite "Random" Find of the Week:
Damn Band-aids! When You Get So Fancy?
Favorite Band aids. Yes now I even have favorite band aids. I have a hard time fathoming how fabulous & ridiculous these are all at the same time. Pretty sure their a new staple to "What's in my Purse" though. Hey you never know when that next paper cut could arrive.

Favorite"Product"of the Week: 
Ion Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner
Maybe I'm just in wishful thinking land still (I just purchased it this week) but I swear my hair feels thicker.  Go to your local beauty supply and pick up the deep conditioning mask along with it- Heaven.

Favorite Quote of the Week

I dont know why I love this, I just know I do.   hah :)
Women Just Get Things 
To all the Women, who are strong, who are fierce, who overcome so many of life's obstacles, you get this, WE get this, why? Because we Just Know ;) 

I hope you find a few of YOUR favorite things this weekend and enjoy every minute of it! 

P.S. Have you seen Fashionable Cent$ New Button? 
if you'd like to do a button swap! 

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Black Friday is approaching us quickly & we need YOUR thoughts! 
 Have the best of the best Friday's my dear ones. 


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