Case of the Cyber Monday's

I hate that I have to begin this way today, but I must, with a sincere apology.
I had every intention of keeping up on things this week as I visited home (St.Louis) for Thanksgiving,
but really I should have been honest from the start knowing I probably wouldn't get near the adequate amount of time that you lovely Fashionable Cent$er's deserve.

That said, I hope you all had as much of a "Break" from routine as I did!
Did it feel like you were trying to awaken hibernation this morning? Because it did for me. 
Although of course even while I was hibernating, the world still turned, and the blog world seemed to turn even faster! Here's a little bit of a recap of my weekend including all things festive & fun:

1. Fashionable Cent$ got featured on

This time with a catch...
 CLICK HERE  to Vote for Fashionable Cent$ 
to be featured on Lucky Mag's home page!
What post you ask? The one featuring this little get-up:

Remember: You can Vote more than once! 
So keep the vote going!
Your vote truly means so much to me. 
You are the very people who got me here in the first place. 
My AMAZE followers...Yes, I'm talking about YOU!

2. My Black Friday Shopping was a Fail
I really expected more of myself, sincerely. But I place most of the blame on my pure lack of effort. 
I meandered on out to the St.Louis Galleria Mall about 9 am on Black Friday morning. 
To my surprise it wasn't nearly as crowded as I imagined, but therein lied the problem, everything had already been picked over & rummaged through. 
The two best finds of the day had to go to my Mother 
(the woman who has tought me all of fashionable ways) 
She found this dress for me at H&M  for, drum roll please,
Holler at your girl! 
I can't wait to wear it to a holiday party, or evening out this season,
the green is perfect for Christmas, and well it was $5
does it really need more of an explanation? 
We snagged 
50% off of Express Store Wide 
That my friends is a deal
P.S. Thanks to Cyber Monday online shopping is
40% off today if you're still craving these deals!
3. Willie Nelson the Great 
So is my weekend seeming a little sporadic to anyone else? 
On Saturday Night I made a little mini trip with my man to see Willie Nelson in concert and I have to be honest: he ALMOST made me want to throw all of my "Fashionable Sense" out the window and put a bandanna on my head and call myself a hippie... almost. 
Needless to say the old guy's still got it. 

4. Christmas Decor in full swing! 
It's finally that time of year again... decorating time that is! My family usually decorates on or around Thanksgiving and there are few things I love more... unfortunately we didn't quite finish before I had to head back to Tulsa but not before my Mom sent me off with a wreath for my front door: 

This Beauty is all DIY ladies & gents.
Who thinks my Mom needs to do a little guest post on
Fashionable Cent$ for tutorial time? ;) 
Phew... I'm exhausted all over again. I'm pretty sure I didn't even skim the surface of all of the fun and relaxation that was also included in my weekend, but you get the picture.

Don't forget today is Cyber Monday! The perfect day to be surfing around all of your favorite shopping sites & finishing your holiday shopping list! (Did I mention I have crossed only 1 person off my list... Just 1!!!) 
Someone tell me your in worse shape than I at this point? 

Happy Monday Lovelies! 


  1. Hi! New GFC follower from the GFC Collective and fellow St. Louisan! Would love to have you follow me back!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

    1. Thanks so much for the follow dear!
      I'm clicking on your page right now!

  2. Ah!!! Congrats on being featured on lucky! Voting now!

  3. Great wreath!! and outfit, duh! VOTING!



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