I recently heard someone describe "Black Friday" as a "Hoax".  A way for the retailers to you get you to their shops spend a whole bunch of money you probably wouldn't have spent had it not been Black Friday, and have you think the whole time that you are "Saving Hundreds"

The next day I heard another person say it is hands down the best deals of the year and she HAS saved hundreds in her Black Friday excursions.

So whose right?

Personally, even though I consider myself to be quite the "deal shopper", I really enjoy Black Friday more than anything for the hilarious people watching. Seriously, my best tip? Grab a coffee, go with your girls at midnight, find a great bench, & enjoy the evening.
And Okay maybe grab that awesome Coupon from Express for 50% off.


Nonetheless this year I'd love to hear what YOUR Black Friday Shopping experience has been before we embrace the Holiday with Wallets wide open again this year.

I've created a poll in the left hand side bar of Fashionable Cent$! 
<--------------------- See it? 
You have 3 options, choose wisely. 

I can't wait to see what everyone decides, and how this year goes in the races, I mean the mall. 

P.S. Do you have any hilarious, outrageous, or just plain traditional "Black Friday" Stories? Share them below! 


  1. I feel like it's probably best for getting new TV's or children's toys. For some reason the things I have on my wish list never make it on the Black Friday deals... ha

  2. I love Black Friday! Not bc of the sales bc I do believe its a hoax but I just love being at the mall that day. It's just so festive & everyone is so happy. It just really marks the beginning of the holidays for me!

  3. I always "christmas shop" for others that day. Translation: one for you, two for me. One for you, five for me. :)

  4. Ashley- that's what I think too! TV'S, Computers, Etc. Always seem to go incredibly fast but my wish list is still seemingly always out of my budget-range.

    Kelly- So true!! It marks the Holiday season, which is hands down one of my fav times of year :)

    Rebecca- I literally Lol'd... couldn't have said it better myself :)

    Thanks for reading girls!


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