Happy Friday Style Lovers! 
I've been waiting for today all week. Not only is it Friday, it is also random take a road-trip to St.Louis with my boyfriend day! I know you are all super Jealous but don't worry I will be sure to provide lots of pictures upon my return. Yes, that's right actual personal photo's! This is a first for the Fashionable Cent$ blog so I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy... but you'll have to wait until Monday.

So in the meantime I urge you to embrace everything your little heart desires this weekend. May that be a random road-trip, a spontaneous date night, or night on the town with your best girls, Or even some much needed quality YOU time. Run a bubble bath, get out your favorite novel and eat all the junk you want. 
This weekend, make it one for you, and feel good doing it. 
After all, there is an outfit out there for Every possible occasion. 

"Date Night"

Opt for a flirty dress for "Date Nights" while you still can. Red & Black are always classic hues to fall back on, and this black wrap dress is guaranteed to flatter any figure & draw the eye to all the right places. You have my permission to splurge girls. 

Girls Night Out

A Girls Night Out is all about having Fun & being Fabulous so don't be afraid to get a little daring with your wardrobe and stand out among the crowd. Isn't that what a GNO is all about anyways? 

"Because you Deserve It"

Lastly, if you're like me and every now and then you just need a little refresher weekend- There is no shame ladies, You Deserve it! My favorite thing to do is take a nice hot bubble bath, curl up in my PJ's and read away or watch the latest redbox. Also, that Stress Relief lotion you see up there? AMAZING. My little $13 bottle went way too fast, because well, it's addicting. 

P.S. This "Because you Deserve it" set is also a great idea for a gift basket! With Christmas right around the corner you can CHECK someone off the list just like that. 
My only advice: Treat yourself to it First, Then get on the shopping :) 

So Girls,
Opting for one of these 3 Ideas this Weekend? 
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I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. i LOVE the eucalyptus spearmint scent too! it's my ultimate favorite! Traci

  2. So weird but I literally have a dress exactly like that one in the date night look but in a maroon color!!! Love it! Have a fun time w the BF!

  3. I went for the treat yourself weekend... I am sick so I need to stay in. Excited to see pics on mon though:)
    loved this blog

  4. I LOVE the girls night outfit with the lace shirt and neon skirt... it's perfect! :)

  5. Great collecion :)
    Could we follo each other???

  6. @Traci - ahh, Isn't it so great? i literally feel the "stress relief" with each smell of it. haha.

    @Kelly .. I'm sure you look FAB in it too! :)

    @Katrina .. good for you! Those weekend are even more needed when were not feeling good. hope you got all of the rest and rejuvination you needed for this new week!

    @Sara That was my fav too!! I almost didn't include it, but it was too adorable to resist.. and affordable! Who knew?!

    @Zaira thanks so much! I would love to :) Clicking on your page right now....

    XOX Angela

  7. Great outfits, I think you have a great sense of style : ) My favorite is neon skirt with the lace top.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  8. @Cindi you're so sweet! Thank you... that was on of my favs too! Great minds think alike.. right? ;)


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