Say Hello to My Little Friend: "PRIMER"

Here I am taking a stab at something a little out of the "norm" for Fashionable Cents but I couldn't resist telling you about my newest obsession for any longer. After all what is fashion without the hair & makeup to go along with it? Okay enough hesitation, without any further adieu  here it is: 

Smashbox - Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light
SmashBox Primer
Revolutionary right? Okay maybe you're not quite convinced yet, or maybe it's been a part of your makeup routine for a while now, but I just recently took the plunge for various reasons. 
A) I always thought it was just so overpriced 
B) My makeup looked and worked fine the way it was.. I figured I would save using a primer for my wedding day or something extravagant like that. 
Well.. I was growing tired of my same "Bare Minerals" looking look and wanted to add a few new things to my beauty regiment so I figured what's an extra $35 one time to see if I like it... well now it's $35 for the rest of my life. Thank you Smashbox. 

Okay, in all seriousness though I was shocked at how much I loved this little tube of joy. I really didn't think I would notice a difference but my all over face is now so much smoother and long lasting. PLUS this tiny tube seemingly deceives you... I bought mine probably a month ago now and I'm still good to go. 

All it takes? 
  • A little dab dime or nickel size.. depending on how sparingly your fingers are skilled at applying. 
  • Smooth over entire face evenly. 
  • I chose the light & oil free Primer. I don't have very oily skin but when comparing (on my hand) I much preferred the creamy texture against my skin versus the jelly. (Choose whatever feels best to you!)
And voila! Even my boyfriend complimented my makeup after I used it... I'm not sure he knew exactly what he was complimenting but nonetheless there's proof! All over perfection thanks to this little bottle. 
You can buy this Smashbox Primer at your local ULTA or SEPHORA Beauty Stores, or there's always the wonders of ordering online. Take your pick. 

Bonus: That's me doing makeup for a Bridal Party...
this was before I discovered how much I  would love
Primer for the everyday!  

How Many of you would like an actual Tutorial next time the 
"Beauty Fairy" comes wandering out my Fashionable Cents pocket? 
Comment below! 

XO Angela 


  1. I just started using Laura Gellar's Spackle Primer. I love it and it will forever be apart of my beauty routine! Glad to know the smashbox version is just as great!

  2. @AnchorsandInk
    I think I will!! Thanks for checking it out :)

    @Lindsay I'll definitely need to look into Laura Gellar's! As a Newbie to the awesome Primer world I'm curious to see what else is out there :)

    Thanks for the love girls!
    XO Angela


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