Put a little Bounce in your Step

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were running errands together when he pointed out that I walk with a "strut"... thinking it was a compliment & letting my head get a little bit up in the clouds I replied with "Like a Model?" Without thinking (I'm sure) the man replies with "No models walk like this" (imagine a 6'3 dude imitating a model walk on a runway down the aisle of Wal Mart").... Well Thanks Honey! I chalk it up to the fact that we were running errands... and I was wearing flats. I was born for stilettos! I walk better in stilettos. We'll leave it that. 

That's US on our "Errands" Day... can you feel the love? 
I found these killer shoes on Tobi.com & though they may seem a little "Michael Jordan" for some of us girlier girls I love the idea of them with a black legging & big sweater or blazer. It's like Casual Hipster gone wild. Not to mention the Michael Jordan affect... that's right put a little bounce in your step.

Hey it is Friday afterall. 
Are you daring enough to try this trend? Or is it too Fashionably OUT THERE for your wardrobe? 

Comment Below! 
Happy Weeekend Lovely Ladies! 


  1. want perfect pair of sneackers! that's lovely! xxx

  2. Beautiful pics!!!!!


  3. Haha, that sounds too funny! Those shoes are serious too. I think too much for me but I love the look of them.

  4. Thanks girls!
    Yeah.. I knew they were a "risk" when I posted them, but what is style if not risky every now & then. Cale (the boyfriend pictured above) isn't a fan of them either.. so naturally now I just HAVE to have them ;)

  5. Lies!!!! I never said I wasn't a fan of them....they would be perfect for a pick-up basketball game or an 80's dance video

  6. Haha ladies- meet Cale.. my handsome & Witty Beau :)

    And Yes you did.

    I'm thinking a blog takeover by you one day honey?

    What do you think?

  7. Title:

    She looks great...but now we are late



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