Political Style

Because you just can't talk "First Ladies & Fashion" without mentioning Jackie.
The Iconic Style Maven of the White House. 
As of now I refuse to discuss politics on my lovely little blog (you never know, maybe one day)
... but that doesn't mean we have to miss out on the fabulous fashion choices of the first ladies of Country of State! (Shallow as it may seem, this is a fashion blog isn't it?)
Whether you tuned into the Presidential Debate this past Wednesday night or not my eye couldn't help but be drawn the wonderful Cobalt Blue Michelle Obama was wearing & the Delightful pale pink Ann Romney Chose. 

Ann Romney in Alfred Fiandaca & Michelle Obama in  Preen's fall 2011 collection 

Both skirt & Jacket combos are worthy of "First Lady" status & so classically pulled off by both women.  Political Stances aside...

 Who wore "Debate Night" Style Better? 

Sound off Below! 


  1. Obviously Jackie won

  2. Both were dressed quite conservative and pulled together, but I would have to say Ann had a better overall look. The fit and style were more appealing.

  3. Oh if only we could all (including the first ladies) take a hint or two from the great Jackie O

    & Great thoughts!I really like the fit of Ann's ensemble as well.



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