Here's the thing about outlet shopping, it's consistently hit or miss. My Mom says she feels like it's "all the stuff that's been picked over, and nobody wanted". That could make anyone not want to hit the outlets, but then it happens. You find that rare gem for a price that is so ridiculously good that you fall in love with the great site of outlet shopping all over again.  This happened to me this past weekend, in good old Branson, Missouri of all places. 

Above, My most valued find. For only $19 I found these babies buried in the back of the BCBG outlet, perfect for fall, I've already come up with at least 3 different outfit ideas in my head. 
Of course, they will be posted on the blog, I just couldn't wait another minute to share with you my good fortune.  Only downfall? I can't exactly link you straight to this exact pair for my exact price. I CAN however encourage you not to write off outlet shopping if you don't strike it big every time something like these will come along soon enough and brighten your day. 

Oh yeah, Happy Monday dears! 

Would you grab these for the price or say No and hit the mall? 


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  2. Thank you for your lovely comment!!
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  3. Oii linda.. amei seu blog e a postagem...
    Me segue? eu retribuo!

  4. Dear my sweetest angela,

    FYI Angelica said "beautiful (cute) love your blog and posts. Follow me i'll follow back" (loosely translated)


  5. @Loveisbeauty should be fixed now!! love your site girl.

    @Angelica Thank you!! I'm clicking on your page right now.. :)

  6. love love the outlets, just there today


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