October Baby Orange

It was all over the runway just a few short weeks ago at NYFW 2012. Orange. The color of October as I like to think of it, and apparently the color of the runway & red carpet (did anyone catch all of the bright hues on the Emmy's?) As we Mark the first of the month today my mind can't help but think orange orange orange! From Pumpkins to candy to awful Halloween decor to thanksgiving bliss, orange IS the color of the season. So I say (along with what seems to be every other designer on the planet this year) Why not, embrace it? 

Maybe you think Orange isn't quite the hue for you. Maybe your significant other  can't stand the site of it  during football season. (the only time of the year some men care what color another man is wearing), or maybe you just hesitate in thoughts of fearing you'll look like a traffic cone. All reasonable doubts my friends, but that's why I'm here. To show you us "regular" gals CAN pull off each year's runway trends without a hitch. 

Just Do One 

Refreshing Scoop Neck Elastic Waist Sleeveless Slimming Chiffon Dress For Women
Sammy Dress
Orange Chiffon Dress
$14.07 (+shipping online only) 
Skinny Jean
American Eagle
Orange Skinny Jeans

"Dotter Top"
Heavy Metal Belt in Orange
Francesca's Collection
Heavy Metal Belt in Orange

Ruched Sleeve Open-Front Blazer  
  Tobi  Salmon Scarf $16      Charlotte Russe  Orange Blazer $25
It's much more practical for the day to day to wear one key colored piece than to try to create an entire ensemble off the runway look. Take the Metal Belt for example and let it pop out over an all black ensemble. Or an orange blouse with a khaki trouser for a great Autumn Work Day outfit. Not feeling particularly all over bright? Just add a scarf like this light orange pick from Tobi. Talk about easy peasy ladies and gents!  Hopefully by now I have you convinced... it's time to embrace the Orange!  Happy October 1st Lovelies. Go Shine.  

Are you Embracing the Orange this Season? Or are you too afraid to try? 
I'd LOVE to hear why or why not! 
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  1. Of course I will!! Orange is my favorite color!!! Thanks for visiting my blog:)
    xo, amy

  2. LOVE the orange! Great for Fall. xo, Julie

  3. Thanks ladies! I've always thought it clashed with my skintone, but I'm branching out and loving it!

  4. So pretty! Love it all!! We are SO excited it's finally Fall!

    ox from NYC!


  5. Ohh I'm liking the orange skinnies and scarf!! Want it!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Keep in touch!

    xo - Sheila


  6. @Davie&Erica FINALLY is right! Sigh, I'm Dreaming of Fall in NYC right now. Give it my love will you?
    Stopping by your blog as we speak :)XO

  7. I love orange. Would you like to follow each other? :)

  8. Love the american eagle orange skinnies! so cute with the denim!

    xo Rachel


  9. Helena.. I would LOVE to! Clicking on your blog as we speak...

    Rachel.. thanks so much, I do to! So perfect for casual fall days :)

    XO Angela


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