Look of the Day: The Rosie Boyfriend

Rosie Hunnington-Whitley
Working "The Boyfriend Jean" like it's her job... then again maybe it is?
You really can't go wrong with the Boyfriend Jean. Rosie proves here they work for more than just Band T's and gardening, and so great for fall! 
*Tip of the day:
Pull out your old "grubby" jeans, cut them, cuff them up a few times, whatever it may take to turn them into this trend, rather than going and buying a brand new pair.
No one will ever know the difference! 

Here's how to pull of Rosie's look spot on:

The Rosie Boyfriend

What's your take on Dressing up the Boyfriend Jean, 
YAY or NAY? 

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Happy Friday Dolls! 


  1. ME TOO!
    The problem is I almost always forget about them next to all of my skinnies... I'm bringing them back though!


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