Jessica Biel's Big Reveal

Oh People Magazine, You never let us down. 
First of all I have to be honest and admit I was just waiting for this day in utter anticipation. Jessica Biel has one of the chicest celeb style senses out there right now, and aside from that I think she is just hands down stunning. (Am I starting to sound like a creep yet?) 
All of that said, when the big reveal of what she chose to walk down the aisle in happened,I was... Perplexed. 
Now, in all fairness I haven't had the chance to make it to the store quite yet to flip through the pages of People Magazine to more accurate and detailed pictures of her I'm sure accurately detailed gown, but what's the first thing we all saw? PINK! 
I just can't decide whether this was a "Fashion Forward Statement" or a "Wedding Dress Fail". 
Coming from the princess of chic right now, I just wanted to be stunned, which I suppose I am. 

What's YOUR take on her Pink Wedding Dress? 
Love it? 
Hate it? 
Couldn't Care Less? 
Somebody for the love of fashion help me come to a conclusion! 

P.S. How ADORABLE is Justin's Excitement though? EVERY girl deserves a guy who jumps for Joy on their Big Day! 


  1. I kind of like it. She did something different, I was not expecting her to wear pink. I loved Gwen Stefani's wedding dress, kind of a pink ombre. Super cool

  2. I definitely give her kudos for thinking outside the box. I would totally expect it from Gwen Stefani, just not Jessica!
    Then again she did marry Justin T. They're a force to be reckoned with!

  3. I actually like the pink but was surprised she picked it! i dont picture her that girly!

  4. @Amy Totally a good point! That's got to be why there was such shock value.. she seems so "Athletic" !


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