How to: The Winter Coat

Mittens and tea

I planned on coming to you this morning with brand new stylish inspiration from the weekend but I somehow failed myself. I blame it on the weather. All weekend long I was commenting on how "FREEZING" it was outside, when really it was only about 50 Degrees. 
I grew up in Canada, I should have thicker skin than this!! But, when you've spent the last four years in Oklahoma, and when last week Oklahoma was 90 Degrees... 50 kind of  feels like the sunshine has been ripped from your very core, or something equally as dramatic. 
All of that to say, I have a confession for you... I spent majority of the weekend wasting my winter wardrobe curled up in a blanket sipping tea; in leggings, big socks & a hoody. 
I think my proudest fashion moment of the weekend came when I pulled out my great grey boots I bought on sale at the end of the season last year to run to the store for more snacks... and that about sums it up. Nonetheless you shan't suffer for my lack of will to get out out of bed this weekend! 
Here's one fabulous way  to embrace the cold, a lot more fashionably than I did: 

The Coat 
Going without a great Coat in the Winter/Fall months is like botox, as Samantha Jones would say; painful & unnecessary. It's something you're soon to be wearing daily & though you may want to whip it off as soon as you walk in the door, you may just feel differently if it becomes apart of your ensemble.  

Black Lapel Puff Sleeve Drawstring Waist Tweed Coat
Black Dress Coat

Camel Long Sleeve Drawstring Waist Asymmetrical Coat
SheInsideCamel Coat


Belted Trench CoatPeter Pan Collar PeacoatZip Fleece Bomber
Gey Jacket $31
Green & Red Peacoat $47.50
I threw in some "Pricier" options because a good coat is hard to come by. Specifically in the black & Camel category... These "Dress Coats" are staples & will last you season after season if you stay away from "trendiness" and stick to classiness when making your choice. A casual Jacket, on the other hand is versatile and fun. Don't drop too much from your pocket when it comes to these. Choose something trendy & on the cheaper side that is okay to get roughed up a bit before next year.  

It's almost that time, I'll be pulling out my black dress coat from the back of my closet soon! (Then again maybe I should have already to avoid my lazy hoody downfall of this weekend) 

What's your Favorite Winter Trend? 
Comment Below!

Happy Monday all! 


  1. Ah I am obsessed w winter coats!! Too bad it doesn't get that cold here but I still wear em whenever I can. I really want a red one this year. It's so perfect for the holidays!

  2. I was thinking that as I was posting.. all of the poor people who don't get at least a few weeks of a winter wonderland <3 Oh, well it's still an INVESTMENT for trips and whatnot, and I so agree about the red! A great statement :)


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