Halloween Recipe... BOO!

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I suppose if there is One Day out of the whole year that it is not only socially accepted to get outside of your "comfort zone" but also somewhat expected... That day would be Halloween. 
I Love Halloween. It's the one day you can be anyone or anything your little heart desires! Well, really you CAN do that any day, but like I said; today it's accepted. 

So what is the girl who blogs of fashion & beauty going to write about on such a day? 
 Cue the screeching cat & scary music... 
"Roasting Pumpkin Seeds" 
It's probably barely a "Recipe" but it is delicious nonetheless. I decided to write about this when I found out that my Boyfriend (who grew up in the south) had never heard of roasting pumpkin seeds. Our conversation went a little something like this; "So what did you do with all of the pumpkin seeds when you would carve the pumpkins?"  "We threw them away" "YOU THREW THEM AWAY?!" 
Ahem... Q screeching cat & scary music.
Such a waste. Pumpkin seeds are the one thing I looked forward to every year when fall would come around, and still do to this day! It's a messy process but it's a fun one, and a great tradition to start with the family. So without Further Adieu, Here I go, Miles away from my "Comfort Zone"

Step 1: Dig them Out 

Most of you have probably experienced this portion of the "recipe" even if all you were doing was throwing that "goop" in the trash. This is the messy part. Carve the top of your pumpkin off as usual.You can use a spoon to scrape the insides of your pumpkin down for easier carving later on, but sometimes the easiest way to get all of those scrumptious seeds out is to get your arm in there and grab a handful. 

Place the Seeds in a Strainer and/or Bowl with as little "gunk" on them as possible, but don't be too worried, you're about to wash them. 

Step 2: WASH 
Finish cleaning out your pumpkin as usual. Set aside for later carving. If you have placed your seeds in a strainer simply place the bowl directly under the faucet. The running water will wash most of the "goop" off of the seeds by itself, swish around to make sure they are completely "goop" free :) 

Step 3: 
Option 1- FRYING PAN 
I am going to give you two options for "Roasting" your Pumpkin seeds. 
The first, is how we did things in the "Holmes House".
  • Place your frying pan on medium to high heat 
  • Slather with butter & salt 
  • Place a half to 3/4 cup of seeds on pan. 
  • Let Fry, until browned.  (I prefer mine on the darker side, gives them more of a crunch)
  • Salt Salt Salt. 
  • Repeat

It's that simple. The key is lots of Salt and Lots of Butter. 
Did I say this was a healthy snack? I sure hope not. 

Step 3: 
Option 2- Bake 
Option 1 is the classic salty snack version, option 2 is for those of you with a craving for a little more flavor and sweetness. 
  • Continue Steps 1 & 2 as normal. 
  • Instead of a frying pan, pull out your baking sheet. 
  • Set oven to 275
  • Slather in butter. Place seeds on baking sheet 
  • Sprinkle with Cinnamon & Sugar (amount to your hearts desire)
  • Let bake for 20 minutes or so (The Key is "Low & Slow")

P.S. You can also experiment with other "Fall Flavorings" here, like Apple Pie Spices. Mmmmm

They are a great Movie Snack, Fun to eat while the kids are carving pumpkins, and most of all a memory for the books. 

Did You have a Family Fall Time "Tradition"? 
I hope everyone has a fun, safe, and "Outside of your Comfort Zone" Halloween today! 
Go do something outside the norm! 


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