Halloween Procrastinator

Here I am again, 9 days out. Halloween awaits us. I've always claimed to love the day, endless candy, with endless possibilities of who you can pretend to be. Yet I always seem to wait until the very last moment possible to make that decision. 
Like last year, When I was "Tinkerbell":

One of my best friends (Elizabeth) and I ran, literally RAN into the Halloween Store as we were on our way to our friends Halloween party to grab my epic Tinkerbell wings. They were totally worth the shortness of breath upon arrival, but seriously Ang? That was the closest call. 

Or the year before when I was "Barbie":

Not the most "Original" Idea of all time I'll admit that but it didn't take very much just some pink, sparkles, and a killer skirt.
Or the year before that when I was a "Hippie":

...and my Roommate Julie was a pirate.
I already had the pants, I went to Walmart & grabbed the vest & shirt, plucked a flower from a field & voila.
My point is: I NEED HELP. Halloween is the one time of year us Fashionista's can throw all of our good sense out the window and go a little wild with our wardrobe, or personality, or whatever it may be for a good few hours, and somehow I always seem to let it come down to the very last crying second .
This year it shall be different. At least 8 days different. 

Since I have the most Savvy Followers in the world, I figure I have a better shot. 
So it's all on you folks. (No pressure) Just the weight of my entire Halloween ensemble that's all. 

We're thinking something original, affordable, even DIY. 
Leave your extraordinary comments below! 
And thanks for the help! 
P.S. I'll keep you updated on my top picks & let YOU decide the final choice! 


  1. that Tinkerbell costume looks so cute, you might want to do it again this year! how adorable! or, you know Tinkerbell has a sister now, she is Periwinkle! you could use the same wings and come up with a new purple outfit. look her up online. :) TRACI

  2. no, no, i'm sorry! Periwinkle is blue, not purple. http://disney.go.com/fairies/periwinkle.html

  3. @Traci oh my goodness ... she's adorable!!! And you're right it would already be so easy since I already have the wings ;) Now to get my hair that blonde..

  4. Thank you so much for the nice comment and the follow! I now follow you as well :)

    As for the Halloween costume...I have no ideas for you, I cannot come up with one for myself either! I do love the hippie costume you did though...may have to steal it!


  5. @Kristine it was one of my favs too! I think because I've secretly always wanted to be a hippy... oh the freedom.
    And it's so easy! With the 60's making a major fashion comeback, you're bound to have an item or two in your closet already that can pull off the look for you :)


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