leather shorts
Miranda Kerr, Lauren Conrad & Lea Michelle all showing us how to work the leather shorts.

Normally, who in the world would write about Shorts in the month of October, but leather changes things. And if you live somewhere further south like myself you know the weather is far from leaving us restricted to pants, and if you don't throw on a pair of tights under these babies and call it a day. 
Here's how to get the Celeb worthy look, for Less. 

H&M Shorts
Leather Shorts
Yes Ladies,  if you don't have a store nearby,
we can get these online now.

Vila Delu Shorts
If you to embrace fall hues a little bit more these burgundy
Vila Delu Shorts 
are a great way to do it.

White Notch Lapel Lace Cuff Slim Military Tuxedo Blazer
To get Lea's Look
Pair them with a Trendy White Blazer like this one

ONLY Rachel Jumper
To get Laurens Look pair either the Black or Bergandy Shorts
with a Mustard/ or Cream Sweater for the ultimate Autumn Effect.
This one's $35
Bank of Fashion
If all else fails and the leather shorts by themselves set your budget back quite enough just grab a white Hanes T Shirt Like Miranda did and you are supermodel worthy just like that. 

Welcome to my closet Leather Shorts.

Which is your favorite look when pairing Leather Shorts?
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