Fur for Fall... Groundbreaking.

Okay cut the sarcasm out & someone might buy it. 
Though it's been done time & time again the fashion industry just can't seem to escape the claws (most literally) of Fur. Faux, preferably please ladies (were not complete mongrels for the fashion world.. or are we?) 

You may be thinking "Hello Out of my Price Range" Well I'm here to prove you wrong. 
Fingers Crossed, Here we go. 

Vests are all the rave right now. You'll be making a BIG fashion statement with just one warm piece.

Sanctuary Rockin Natalie Vest Fur Coat
Pull off the Ashley Olsen look with this
Fur Vest
Black Sleeveless Cardigan Chest Faux Fur Vests
Feeling more Olivia Palermo chic?  Go for this
Black Fur Vest
Not quite gutsy enough for the Fur Vest Trend? 
Go with a Fur Scarf over that fabulous Winter Coat  of yours. 
East Fur Slot Through Scarf, Hollyhock
Fit for a Royal this Hollyhock Scarf is bound to make
you feel like the princess you are.
& how much will it set you back?

Bcbgeneration Faux-Fur Scarf
BCBG Generation 
If all else fails add a hint of fur to your feet. It's enough to stay with the trend but not so much that you'll like you're taking over the room. (though I COMPLETELY condone that, by the way).

Faux-Fur Cuff Ankle Boots
Cuff Ankle Boot
My last & only tip regarding all of this Fur talk is a big Fashion Don't... DON'T wear all of these pieces together. The last thing I'm trying to do is make you look like a Star Wars Chewbaca Halloween Costume.. I've clearly been spending too much time watching movies of my boyfriends choice lately. 

What's your take on Faux Versus Real Fur? 
Would you stand by and throw paint or wear it proudly? 

Comment Below!
Goodnight my little fashionista's. 


  1. I've never, ever even had the guts to try out a fur piece. When it is done right, though, it is gorgeous.

  2. It's true! Fur can be intimidating when you image a full on Mink Coat or something... but that's why I'm such a fan of the vest, simple yet statement enough.
    I'm sure you could Rock it if you took the chance! ;)


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