Fashion Do or Fashion Don't?

WHITE OUT photo | Kim Kardashian

I was thrilled when I came across this picture of Kim Kardashian this morning. For so long I upheld her as having a great style sense...then Kimye happened. She started wearing over sized pants & boots & a whole hooplah of messes. Here, she looks chic, pulled together, feminine & professional. All the Kim K we loved from before and more. What's the only downfall in question? So much White in Mid-October! 

Fashion DO or Fashion DON'T? 

I'm too impartial for this one...

Leave your comments below little wise ones! 


  1. so i see this photo of her wearing all white and i think how did you not get grease or anything dirty on you when you are at a gas station??

  2. @Meg
    hahaha so true! She looks to perfectly clean, like there was surely someone hiding behind the camera that pumped her gas for her.... Surely.


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