Dressing for YOUR Body Type: Short & PETITE

Discussing how to dress for different body types is a big deal, and I doubt I can tackle every single body type out there in just one post so I've decided to break it up into portions. Each Week I will discuss a different body type and how to dress for your specific shape. It is so incredibly important to dress for YOUR body. No matter what fads & trends are out there, no matter how many magazines or even blogs tell you "What's in & What's Out", if you're not dressing for you & your shape you're really not doing any one any favors. 

Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner 
I love this picture Kim Karashian Tweeted of herself and her much younger sister Kendall. Mostly because it's how I feel next to my little sister, who isn't so little anymore, but actually has a good 4 inches on me at Least.  It proves that we can each embrace our individual body types head on & look good doing it, you just need to have a few tricks up your sleeves. 

There are many different &  particular body types I want to discuss in the future. If you're not in today's categories don't worry, you are not alone! That post will just come at a later date. There's much to discuss when dressing for your body type like whether you have a short or long torso? Are you top or bottom heavy?  We will get to all of this I promise, for now let's hit the basics, and let's start with a body type near & dear to me: 

1. If you're SHORT/ PETITE
Of course this has to be #1 on my list because I sit here at a whole 5'2 tall. Okay Okay even that's a lie! Last I checked I believe I measured at about 5'1.5 it's just easier to say 5'2 ...right?  

The Tips 
Do wear Stripes 
MANGO Navy Stripes T-Shirt

Striped Belted Pinstripe Jersey Pencil Skirt

Stripes add the illusion of an elongated frame. They draw the eye to areas that could otherwise go unnoticed and they help to show off say, your legs. Don't shy away from horizontal stripes either, the misconception that they ALWAYS make you look wider is simply untrue, sometimes they help to make you look longer too. 

Do get it Fitted 
Shorter more petite women must always opt for a more fitted look. Anything boxy or excess materials just makes us look like we are drowning in a sea of fashion.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen 
As much as I adore these two and the power they have risen to in the fashion world, there's been a moment or two where I wondered where in the world their tailor was. Mary Kate's dress, well let's just say drowning, and Ashley's has the potential of looking so regal and put together if it weren't for that far too long of a hemline. Which brings me to my next point... 

*A General Rule of Thumb*
This goes for most every body type ladies. 
If you opt for a tight fitting top, go looser on the bottom.
 Example tight top- do a flared jean not a skinny. 
If you opt for a blousy, loose top, go tighter on the the bottom. Skinny Jeans, Tights, the Fashion world is your friend right now if you are in the "top heavy department" 
Good news for girls that are bottom heavy? You can still find a killer Jean that fits YOU right and flatters your body and pair it with a blouse, or layer it with a knit sweater or a Blazer. 
The goal is to look polished, not like your hiding in a pile of fabric. 

Do Wear Dresses... with the Right Hemline 
Keep it above the knee, work appropriate you ask? Still above the knee. Our little legs weren't meant to be cut off mid calf. It simply doesn't work with our bodies girls. Opt for dresses like these:
Spense Petite Dress, Sleeveless Colorblocked Scoop-Neck
$45 Macys.com

Beige V Neck Ruffles Party Dress 
Sheinside.com $50
Along The Boulevard Chevron Dress In Sienna
Do wear Jackets & Heels

A cropped Jacket can create the illusion of having longer legs, and heels can only help the matter. 
If you have a shorter torso you may struggle with cropped jackets, if so swap it out for a more fitted longer cardigan... always keep the heels, always.  

MOTO Crop Denim Bleach JacketPink waterfall blazer
Topshop.com $40                    DorothyPerkins.com $44
These are just a few of the tips that work for me, there's still SO much more to be discussed. 
I'll leave you with my favorite "Short" Stylish Stars us girls can admire, but for once, not look up to ;)

Sarah Jessica Parker
yes the style ICON herself stands at only 5'3 
Reese Witherspoon 5'1

EVA LONGORIA photo | Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria 5'2
What "Body Type" Would YOU like to see featured on Fashionable Cent$ Next? 
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  1. Great idea, discussing different body types! It's important to know what looks flattering on your body's shape :) I am a tall, hour glass shape... I look forward to your post on hour glass shapes.


  2. @Kristine
    Thanks so much! I will definitely do some research and feature a post on you taller gals soon! And the hourglass figure as well of course :)

    @Fabriza Thank you dear! I would just LOVE to, clicking on your page right now. XO :)


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