Concert Wear

I tend to most always leave concerts feeling epic, but last night was beyond that, if such a thing is possible. Cale took me to see "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" and to say it was almost too cool for me would probably be an understatement. So what does a girl like me wear to a Rock Show? You're about to find out. 

Concert Wear

I know, I know what you're thinking. The leather, again... really? To that I say, get over it. This is what girls on a budget do. We make an outfit work again, again, and then again some more. 
That said, if there is EVER a time you are debating whether or not to pull out the leather... the answer is yes when it comes to seeing The Chili Peppers.  
Let's just say the pants brought my coolness level up a notch or two, or at least they made me feel that way. 

All black is a classic go-to girls. It's edgy, classy & just down right flattering for your BODY. 
Last night I literally wore black head to toe, minus one little item -the Clutch. 
I found  (that's a lie, my boyfriend Cale actually found) this rad little red clutch at a store called Verona in Branson, Mo. 
I pictured the Alexander McQueen version above so you could see for yourself just how remarkably similar the two are. 
MY Clutch that I bought for $19.99... you can find HERE
Solid Red Brass Knuckle Clutch

A pop of red with an all black ensemble can say & do so much. 
I wish I could provide you with better pictures from last night but in all of my concert experience I've struggled getting great self portraits with the lighting, etc. 
Okay really it has to do with me 99% of the time being in a rush to get there, once there, lights dimmed, time to enjoy the show and not focus on getting 7,000 pictures for Facebook. 
I can do that anytime, right now I'm enjoying the Chili Peppers. 
Remember to always breathe in the moments ladies with thousands of other fans who cares, right now it's all for you. 

Here's at least 1 great shot we got of the night. 

What's the Best Concert you've ever been to? 
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