A Weekend in St. Louis

My sincerest apologies for being so MIA all weekend, but in all fairness I did warn you. My quick trip to St. Louis was successful, full of family time, a little shopping (of course), and lots of laughs! 
I have to say it's quite difficult to return to the regular Monday Work routine after such a weekend... I bet if we all got together and started a big enough Motion we could eventually pull off a Standard & Mandatory 3 Day weekend instead of 2, hey it's a worth a shot?! 

Weekend RECAP 
                                  Leaving Tulsa Friday Evening, We were so excited for 6 hours of roadtrip fun! (All the usual was included, kicked off with Gaghem Style Music Blasting& all the junk food our stomachs could handle)

We arrived pretty late that night so that's it for the pictures on that end. On to Saturday we go... 
First Stop: Shopping!

We hit two St. Louis Malls briefly.. West County Center & The Galleria. 
The Galleria is my personal favorite when it comes to Mall Shopping. A TON of options to choose from, some of my favorites there, that we don't have locally are: H&M, Love Culture, &  Urban Outfitters.

Though often when I visit home in St. Louis it can be taken up by the fabulous shopping & downtown attractions, there's really nothing better than being with my HUGE family. This weekend in particular we got to celebrate the most adorable nephew on the planet!

You have no idea how many times those cheeks were kissed... and how many more pictures are on my camera.
Top left with his favorite aunt (moi of course) and top right with Uncle Cale (my sweet man)

Next on the docket for the evening... S'mores around the firepit!

Cale built not only the fire but this "platter" of S'mores ingredients for everyone. 
Talk about a keeper.

Speaking of that boy.. Here we are outside of West County, just you know,
doing a normal photo-shoot for all you lovelies. 

Then, before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to St. Louie & return to reality, 6 hours away.
That is until 30 minutes in when Cale realized he forgot his keys. 
So, we turned around, went through another slew of goodbyes and hit the road for Tulsa for the second & final time at around 7:00. Needless to say we chugged monsters and tried to kept the conversation alive as long as possible... admittedly I dozed off near the end and the poor boy had to stay alert all by his lonesome. But were back now! Safe and sound and pretty exhausted. 
I'll be back to my normal self tomorrow I'm sure of it. 

Until next time St. Louie,

P.S. You know I got some great outfit inspiration pictures coming your way from this weekend don't you? Well, I do. Just you wait and see.... 


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