A Hint of the Holidays

A Hint of the Holidays

I just can't help myself Okay. 
As the Holiday Season draws closer & closer I usually try to maintain my cool. 
For example, I refuse to listen to any hint of Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. That's the rule. 
But, when it comes to wardrobe choice why not have a little fun with it. After all in just 1.5 short days it will officially be November. This my friends has Maroon, Gold, & Black written all over it. 

Take this look from Day to Night with the snap of your fingers. 
AKA Swap the Stud Earrings for Chandelier's & slip your Cinderella feet from flats to heels. 
Bippidi Boppidi Boo, you're ready for the evening. 


  1. There you go being fabulous again!!! Love your thoughts, your fashion hints and the fact that you don't listen to Christmas till after thanksgiving! Great personal rule! Love you my baby girl!! xo

  2. YEAH! There's only so much Christmas music out there... one must savor it :) Love my Mom! XO

  3. I love this outfit idea! Where in Oklahoma do you live? I'm from Moore/Okc!


  4. No Way!! I live in Tulsa... I think I see a collaboration in the future?? ;)


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