The Kohl's Factor

So I recently bought a new car.. did I tell you that yet? It was pretty exciting considering it's my first "real"car. You know when you're in high school you're expected to pay your dues driving your Mom's Mini Van or your very first junker to call your own. Then in college you're DEFINITELY driving the junker but it's ALL yours.. then there comes that time when you're like Holy Crap, I'm grown up- my car has leather seats now! Okay.. maybe that's just how it went for me. But Just last week I hit the holy crap phase.. and it feels pretty good. But it also means I vowed to take a few weeks off "shopping" to get used to my new little car payment :) A girl that blogs about Fashion... on a Shopping Break? Ha.. good luck Angela. I can just see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" playing right now...

Moving along..

Rule #1 Ladies, if you're on a shopping break.. don't go shopping.
Sillily, I convinced my boyfriend that we could stop by Kohl's this past Saturday "just to look around." (Oh that naive boy.. or naive me?). It just about killed me girls. The sales! Kohl's knows how to get you I'll tell you that much. With every single item looking like it's half price thanks to their handy dandy little signs. Well.. let's just say I'm surprised my loving boyfriend didn't drag me out of there kicking & screaming. What a patient one I have. 

SO, just to make myself feel better  here's a few of the amazing finds from my Stupid Saturday Excursion.. just to make you suffer as I did :) 
LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Satin Top
Lauren Conrad Collection
Crochet Satin Top $30
LC Lauren Conrad Striped Mixed-Media Top
Lauren Conrad Striped Mix Media Top
Jennifer Lopez Embellished Sheath Dress
Jennifer Lopez Collection Embellished Dress
$30 (Hello Steal) Also available in Black.
Rock and Republic Open-Front Jacket
Rock & Republic Open Front Jacket
only $24
Rock and Republic High Heels
Rock & Republic High Heels
These ones were my very own Personal Obsession only $34.99
Jennifer Lopez Ballet Flats - Womens
Jennifer Lopez "Ballet Flats" $29.97 

Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform High Heel Loafers - Women
Can you say fell in love? I can.
Simply Vera Platform Loafers $55.99
Throw these on with a pencil skirt and I call Promotion on you.
Anxious to get them online? I gotchu :) click HERE

Okay, I cannot let you leave this blog without me saying this: I am NOT suggesting you go out and buy all of these items at once.. though I realize all I've done now is tempted you (and myself). What I am saying is that Kohl's has some awfully cute stuff for some awfully killer deals, and these are just a FEW of my favorites. So, when you have some extra "Me" Cash (that's what I call the money designated to treat Me & only Me) take a trip to Kohl's and keep your eye out for key pieces like these, and feel free to feel so proud of yourself when you check out & the cashier tells you "You saved (X) $ with your purchase today!" 
Yes, girls you deserve it. :) 

Do you have a "Kohl's Meltdown" Story like mine? What's YOUR best or worst shopping experience? 


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