The Boyfriend Steal by Taylor Swift

I'm digging this.

 The ever lovely Taylor Swift was spotted a few days ago looking as cool as my refrigerator, and as much as I'd like to tote around a guitar and write chilling love/hate songs about all the boys that spited my heart, and throw in there make millions for it...
Well, at least I can easily rock the rest of her look. Here's how it's done:
Go the Extra Mile right down to her "Oxford-esque" kicks
These are at select Target Stores for only $20!

"Letterman Jacket" $59.99

Mustard Shorts
Forever21 $8.99

Throw it all together with your best shades, a white tee or tank underneath and you scream Taylor Swift Effortlessness/ I just borrowed this from my Boyfriends Closet for the Day. (P.S. This is another perfect "September Day" wear, its leaning towards Fall with the jacket & shoes- but not quite letting go of Summer yet with the bright shorts). Just don't try to carry around his guitar case too, just UN-necessary baggage unless of course you are, Taylor Swift :) 



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