Oversize Me Clutch.

Latest Fad, Latest Trend, Whatever. Throw all that out the window. 
The reason I've bought into this Chic Accessory so quickly is because it's different. This fall, as we approach our routine looks, adding a clutch instead of a bag can bring last seasons sweater to this seasons runway. Seriously, its just that easy. 

If that doesn't scream Autumn Wonderfulness I don't know what does.
via: tallgirltales.tumblr.com

A pop of color is perfect for the many neutral/darker tones were all about to embrace with open arms.

Words Needed? Just one: FABULOUS.

Okay, So by now you understand why I believe in the "Oversize Clutch" for everyone's 2012 fall closet. If not, well then, I just don't know what to do with you...That's a little harsh, what I MEAN to say is you can always opt for a smaller less dramatic clutch, just remember the smaller it is the more and more you drift away from a casual effortless feel. A larger clutch is much easier to pair with "any" outfit. 
Here' some great affordable ones for YOU! 

Asos.com $43.12 
Mossimo® Burgundy Envelope Clutch
Target.com $19.99
P.S. the "Envelope Clutch" is all the rage too.
Urban Expressions Chelsea - Clutch
Urban Expressions $44 (ebags)
Forever21 $22.80

Tobi.com $43
These are what I would put in my "splurge" category. But if it's something you can see yourself making often use out of this coming fall then I say go for it. Any one of these bags can add an "umph" to your day. 


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