LOOK OF THE DAY: Monday Blue's

Yawn. Stretch. Here we go, is it really Monday again already? I guess so.
Sadly, it's days like these when I'm  tempted to throw all "Fashionable Sense" out the window & wear the comfiest ensemble possible into the office.. because well, It's Monday.
Nonetheless I always seem to find a medium ground somewhere between my lack of will to look cute and my wardrobe that won't quite let me have it that way... okay after a little bit of effort I admit. :) 

It's the third day of fall, and there's nothing I'd love more than some boots & leggings but seeing as our Oklahoma forecast calls for 95 Degrees today.. I'll give those babies a bit more time. 
So Khakis it is! 

Today I wore these 
High Wasted Khaki Skinny's from H&M

Honestly that whole little outfit she's wearing above makes me want to blog about H&M today instead.. but I'll stick to what I'm wearing today. I know my local girls want to cry out in angst right now because we don't have an H&M nearby.. but it's always worth a trip to Dallas or St. Louis and rumor has it online shopping will be available soon. (Fingers Crossed! Fingers Crossed!)

Navy & White Stripes
Forever21 $12.80 
It's easy. It's comfortable. It's still fashionably Acceptable. 
Everyone wins on Monday!  

I got my navy and white striped top at Marshalls 
If you have a local Marshalls or TJ Maxx and you're in the mood to shop & dig 
through racks and racks of clothing, it's so worth it!
Not only do I find items for ridiculously low prices,
they're often designer brand, at those ridiculously low prices.
Again, Win Win right? 

 Throw your hair in top knot, add some cute flats (or sandals that are dying to get worn at least a few more times before the winter hits), some minimalist earrings that highlight your face- and call it a day. 

top knot
God Bless whoever decided THIS was
trendy... fastest Monday 'do out there. 
Urban Outfitters $59
No one will ever know I really needed one more day this weekend... then again don't we all? 
Happy Monday all! 

How do YOU get through your Monday Morning? 
Please someone tell me I'm not the only one who struggles :) 


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