So now I know why people DON'T make promises on their  own blogs, it's like there's some greater power that defies all odds of letting you keep your promise. That said, I sincerely apologize for the lack of follow through yesterday. Between the boyfriends family reunion, the prospects of buying a new car, and the general errands and house chores I leave until the weekend-  I was Swamped. So I'll take it as a lesson learned, and I WILL follow through with my promises, I just promise to never put a Date on it again. :)

To the good stuff shall we? 
Today's Look of the Day: 
"Family Reunion" 

I wore something similar to this on Sunday. It's fair to say it's a "daunting" thing deciding what to wear to your BOYFRIENDS Family Reunion, much less your own. So be sure to find out the venue, guests etc. So you can make your choice appropriately :) In my case it was a casual gathering that one would still want to look "cute" for of course.  Here's how to create MY look on YOUR budget. 

Let's start from the bottom and work our way up; 
STEP 1: Delicate Shoes

Steve Madden Sandals

These were gifted to me from my boyfriend this past summer (Keeper Right?). I love them. They keep the look casual yet classy and the simple gold accents are just the right amount of simplistic bling. 

TARGET offers close to the exact same pair at only $14.99
(No guarantees but probably even lower priced as they move summer shoes out of inventory:))

Reasons I hesitated: No not because it's after labor day, turns out that worked to my advantage as my man's Grandma was relieved to find out she wasn't the only one rocking the "Break the Rules" trend :)
But because like I do, without fail, every time I wear them- I get something on them. Nonetheless I decided; "You know what, these pants look great on me, their comfortable and I'll just be extra careful!" ... NOT
About an hour into the Reunion the Father of my boyfriend comes running after me as I headed towards a second trip to the dessert table saying "Stop Stop, you sat on something!" 
.... Chocolate. Dang you Dessert. 
A girl has two options here: Blush blush blush or Embrace it. I probably did both. 

Just Imagine that behind with chocolate smeared right over the  left side.. that's ME!
I got these white skinny jeans at papaya clothing for only $14.99
...they have surely gotten their use too!

Now, if you're more poised than I (which you probably are) you've made it through dinner without spilling or sitting on, or staining. One choice I made Sunday Morning I can say I'm proud of is the black sweater. The hall we rented for the Reunion was dreadfully chilly, and my cozy black sweater kept me warm, yet chic. (From the waist up anyways).
Batwing Sleeves Oversized Black Jumper
Polyvore.com $44 
loveculture.com $11.99

Now I didn't wear a ton. The key here was to keep it low key, but just the right amount tied in the gold accents on my soon to be out of season sandals perfectly. CHEAP STEAL 101: get Two Items for $10 in Charlotte Russe Jewelry! 

Charlotte Russe- Coral Mixed Stack Rings

Charlotte Russe Chain Gold Stud Earrings

So that's how to wear a casual family Reunion outfit, and why you should always look behind you before you sit down  in white pants. 
Do you have any Reunion blunders? I'd love to hear I'm not the only one! Until next time... 


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