Fall Obsession: PLEATS

pleats!!!Pleated Maxi Skirt
pleats pleats pleats

Siiigh...I just love when a seasonal trend comes around that I adore, and even better when I've happened to have that trend sitting in my closet all summer long waiting for it's day. Well, the day has arrived little pleated skirt of mine and you will have your Justice! 

Okay, so maybe you haven't quite caught up with this just yet! Have no Fear, that's why I'm here! 
(Did I really just make a little rhyme for you? Why yes I did) 
If you're mind is thinking Britney Spears Pleated School Girl Skirt of 2001, then just stop right there. This trend is far removed from those days and contains actual class as well. 
I know you're ready to see my oh so affordable examples- Here we go! 

Xhilaration® Juniors Hi-Low Maxi Skirt - Assorted Colors
High Low Pleated Skirt
Get it HERE
I started with this High Low Version of the Pleated Skirt because I saw it in Target yesterday and almost died. I know what you're thinking, How many times a week does this girl go to Target? I like target okay.. don't judge me! 
Tobi Mustard Pleated Skirt

Wear a shorter pleated skirt in the fall/winter winter with a pair of tights!  I love the thought of this mustard skirt with a pair of black tights and ankle boots for the thanksgiving holiday. 

Combo Pleated Dress
Color Block Pleated Dress - Francesca's Collection $44
Pair this with a Statement Necklace & Leather Jacket for Fall & call it a Day.

Pleated Blouse $35
Finally, if you're not exactly in the mood to shave your legs anytime soon, do a pleated blouse to incorporate the trend instead! I love this Navy Blue pleated blouse from Tobi (also available in Cream)

Pleats Pleats Pleats! So many ways to wear them, and they instantly add a chicness to your outfit for the day. So, whether you venture on out to Target (like me) and find a steal, or dig in the back of your closet for a lost item it's never too late to revive it ladies. (Unless of course its a plaid skirt from high school in that case save it for Halloween;))

What's Your Favorite way to wear the Pleats Trend? 
Comment Below! I'd love to chat with you. 


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