They can make or break any ensemble. They can add a hint of femininity or a pop of drama. Again, as we approach a new season, I see us leaving behind the lately over done excessive bangles & hippy earrings & embracing 2 new obsessions on the block:

1. The Statement Necklace

turquoise statement necklace   Statement necklace DIY statement necklace
Pros: I just adore them. They can literally turn the most boring outfit into "Look who just showed up". Pair them over a little black dress - instant Glam. Or even dress up a pair of jeans and plain top/blouse for a night out with the girls. Another huge plus is that they are a "Statement" (pun intended;)) which means you don't need to worry about much of anything else. Earrings, bracelets, right down to your shoes can be kept minimal just by adding this simple piece. :)
Cons: They can be on the pricier side... for a Necklace anyways. So if you don't feel like dropping $38 on one necklace this weekend, dare to get a little crafty and check out these great DIY tutorials to make your very own - and very ORIGINAL piece for your accessory closet. (These are the times my friends, when shopping at hobby lobby suddenly becomes "Trendy"!)

2. One Good Ring
ring ring ring ring
Teardrop Statement Ringring ring ring. ring ring ring. ring ring ring.

Above: Perfect example of OVER DOING it :) -But if you look at each ring individually, I just fall in love all over again. One beautiful "Statement" ring is also very in right now, and it is actually doable with the statement necklace. (That is if you really just wear one, and it matches oh so perfectly; strive to keep everything else simple) You can find these precious gems just about anywhere now & if you keep your eye out they will be marking summer collections down like Crazy. Don't hesitate to place a "Summery" looking ring with a fall outfit. Oranges, Yellows, and Blues are good straight through
Thanksgiving gals :)

statement ring

I realize some of you may think these 2 trends are just too out there for you, I encourage you try one at a time, and try a simpler version of each. It may just add that extra "umph" you were needing to get through the Wednesday workday. :)

I'd love to hear comments!
Until next time...



  1. Brilliant blog, thank you for letting me know about it!! :) Although I never really get away with statement necklaces, a gorgeous cocktail ring will always go down well! x Victoria x

  2. Thank you sweets! and Really? I love them! But you're definitely right that the ring is much easier to pull off & pair with.


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