Your Closet Called: It wants this striped top...

.Mixed Patterns.perfect. Casual cutes. I love style.

5,000 Ways to wear a little striped top. 

Okay, maybe not 5,000 but the possibilities do seem endless. My eye has always been drawn to stripes.  They are so versatile. Take them from dressed down to dressed up. All the while maintaining a "I just effortlessly threw this together" vibe. Here's some ways to switch it up with one, yes just ONE, cheap little top :)

  •  Tip of the day - I highly recommend a 3quarter sleeve, it keeps the top "in" whether its spring, summer, fall or winter; and balances proportions of your body.
  • Tip #2 Refrain from immediately writing off horizontal stripes if you think they automatically make you look wider - some of the tips below will help to minimize that effect.

1. All by itself with your favorite pair of Jeans.
Go ahead & pair it with a LONG necklace to elongate your frame;add some cute matchy flats and there you have it; Casual chic done right.
H&M top $12.95

2. With a Scarf 
 Talk about the perfect "Fall" Look! 

stripes with scarf

3. Skirt it 
 Cute & flirty for a casual date, or just any old free summer day.
So adorbs right? via:

4. Under a Blazer 
Immediately takes the Casual Saturday Errands look to work/ dinner appropriate. 
H&M only 19.99  - I actually have this exact blazer hanging in my closet, you would never guess the price by the quality, slight shoulder pads & the nude/beige goes with just about everything, one of my best buys! :)

5. Mixed Patterns
This one is a little daring, and definitely needs to be done in moderation, but when done right, it's Look at Me! In all the right places. Here's a few examples on how to pull it off: 

striped top and floral scarf
floral scarf - adds pizaz!

floral and stripes
Stripes + Floral

                     Stripes + Polka dots
...and THIS is why my little striped top from H&M is a guaranteed go to any day of the week. Talk about a fashion investment! I'd love to hear how you wear YOUR stripes! 



  1. I love it Ang!! I feel like I'm reading a fashion consultant's website! Awesome job and great advice!!!


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