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no wait... NOW im dying. Shoes Shoes Shoes!
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I want to post a picture of each & every pair of the "high heels" sitting in my closet right now... but I'm away from them, and sadly in flats. (What has the world come to?!) Okay not really, I honestly dig a great pair of flats, just not near as much or as often as my adoration for high heels. If you see me in flats it's usually on a day like today; p90x last night + waking up late + rainy rainy morning = the combination of a thrown together, somewhat "comfy"  go to work outfit. (tips on how to pull THAT off another blog, another time) 
My POINT NOW is, I love high heels. My usual response to someones comment/question of "How do you walk in those things?" is "I walked out of my Mothers Womb in Stiletto's, dear" To which their reply is usually "Well that had to hurt for her" (ah, the laughter it brings me each day) Truth be told the story of my birth fascinates me more than most; a mere 58 minutes my Mom was in labor....anxious was I? Describes me to a T. And if that brings you to the question "Well Can you run in high heels then?" Yes, Yes, I can. 

So that brings me here: Shoes Shoes Shoes I love them! I'll dedicate this portion of my blog to my beloved shoe shelves & together we can Cinderella our way up to a fantasy shoe world. Okay... well Close Anyways. 

I picked these to showcase from
ShoeDazzle because they are great to
head us into our Fall/Winter heel wearing.
Plus... I just love them! 

My latest favorite discovery to feed the addiction has to be
Not only does this site have endless options and styles, it personally picks out shoes, (and outfits) according to your style profile (called Your Showroom) but the best thing of all? All the shoes, yes ALL of them are under $39.95.


      Oh its a wonderful world.... happy shoe shopping ladies! 


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