Summer slips into Fall

As I was thinking about what to write my first fashion blog on I kept thinking about how Summer is drawing to an end. And as absolutely enthralled I am at the idea of wearing tights, boots, & scarves again, it's pretty sad we have to say goodbye to QT's .69c drinks ( that one's for my okies) and the effortlessness of cut off shorts & throwing our hair in a "top knot" & somehow looking chic.

So... here's a quick look at how to transform your summer looks into fall looks without breaking the bank on  that "Back to School" (even if you've been out of school for 10 years)Shopping Spree you SO deserve.

Summer Dresses over Tights: Easy, Cute, and it means you don't have to give up the girly flirt of a summer dress yet you can go into "It's winter I don't shave my legs mode" Talk about a Win!

Next, Those oh so 2012 Colored Skinny Jeans your rocked this summer with tanks, or crop tops & flip flops? Opt for a cardigan and boots & you're fall chic before you know it. Noone will even recognize they're the same pants you wore to the 4th of July BBQ.  Here's a great example:

Finally, A fashion Don't for this fall. Please Please Please do not try to pull off a maxi dress after the temperatures have significantly dropped. No matter what sweater or boot you try to pair it with, it's a summer trend, and always will be. So tuck those bad boys away and allow yourself the excitement of pulling them out during "Spring Cleaning" 
P.S.S. Though, wearing Boots and Scarves before the appropriate time is just as bad. My advice, It's still August! Heck, We STILL have LABOR Day weekend to look forward to! Wear those Maxi dresses, fab flip flops and sun hats while you can girls. 'Tis the Season right? 



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