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I sincerely try (key word TRY) to stay away from fads & trends. They are the kind of items we look back on, in sometimes as little as 2 years, and ask; "What in the world was I thinking?!" The High Low Dress none the less has captivated my heart. It's flirty, girly, sexy, fun, and literally causes a "Stop & Stare" effect when you walk in the room. You can thank that perfect sheath train that just effervescently flows behind you for that one.  Here's some options: 

LoveCulture.com $28

From MY Closet
I picked up this black high low belted dress from Love Culture a few weeks ago. It is such an amazing piece! The drapery at the front of the dress falls perfectly, as well as the sheath almost transparent black in the back.  The thick brown belt brings in & shows off my waste since the rest of the dress is so flowy. It also provides a little bit of a "Jessica Simpson" Style. I paired it with high brown wedges & gold jewelry & called it a night. 

*TIP: The belt really makes or breaks the high low dress. The thick belt is perfect for this very loose & free black dress, but in the picture above the thinner belt keeps the look dainty & feminine. Here's some more options for pulling this all together, at YOUR price. 

Tobi.com $22

Right: She opts for a big statement necklace instead of a belt, though  a very thin belt would really help pull in her shape a little more, and you can still keep the necklace if the belt is kept simple, like below. 

Lush - $43

If you need a more conservative look but want to keep the trend opt for a dress like this one from Dillards; (below) the front "High" hem doesn't have to be as short as our Look of the Day picture, to maintain the awesome fad.  

Dillards online $53

*TIP: To Casual the dress and keep a summery appeal pair with wedges, to dress it up for a wedding or dinner date, pair with heels. Make sure your heels don't clash with your belt, grab a clutch, and you my friend are ready to HIGH LOW your way to Dress Fabness. 


  1. Took your advice this summer and wore a High Low dress to a wedding! Worked perfect.


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